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Letters to the Editor: Praise for Mitch Barnhart, concerns about water billing

Mitch Barnhart: Citrus Bowl is step forward for our program

University of Kentucky Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart talks to the media after the UK football team was selected to play in the Citrus Bowl against Penn State on Jan. 1, 2019, in Orlando, Fla. Both Kentucky and Penn State are 9-3.
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University of Kentucky Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart talks to the media after the UK football team was selected to play in the Citrus Bowl against Penn State on Jan. 1, 2019, in Orlando, Fla. Both Kentucky and Penn State are 9-3.

Barnhart a boon to UK

I want to express how fortunate we are to have Mitch Barnhart as athletic director at the University of Kentucky. Major and minor sports teams have been so successful and our student athletes are doing so well in the classroom during his administration. The success of our sports program and the integrity of the programs are outstanding, which greatly benefits our city and our state. The success of the UK teams adds much to the university environment and the Lexington community.

Barnhart has done an outstanding job and I hope he remains our athletic director for many years. I really appreciate the integrity of his administration.

Tom Porter, Georgetown

Water billing unfair

I was unfairly and unjustly billed by Kentucky American Water due to its “estimated” billing to my account last year. The company said it discovered that my account had been underbilled eight months later, due to a faulty communication device which, I was told, failed to relay the meter readings to the truck. The company responded to my written complaint via a customer service advocate, with a negative reply.

As a result, the company rebilled me an additional $98.84, resulting in financial and emotional stress. An additional stressor was the shut-off notice letter I received.

As a timely paying customer, I strongly feel that Kentucky American should own its responsibility for faulty equipment and should not pass the cost on to me, the customer.

In a letter to company president Nick Rowe, I requested he reverse the rebilling and reimburse me for the $98.84 charge. He replied in the negative.

There has been no justice for this unjust situation.

Yvonne B. Coulter, Lexington

No corruption help in sight

A recent opinion piece by Boone Proffitt had this headline : “Tired of political corruption in Kentucky? Time for citizens to demand better.”

I don’t mean to be cynical, such as “demand to whom?”, but I watch local corruption in my tiny county, talk to officials, and nothing happens. The county attorney won’t prosecute, the sheriff won’t investigate, the judge executive won’t manage, and the same crony clubs that have existed for decades take what they want.

The state? Sure, they’re going to clean it up. That’s why the FBI had billboards asking for help to prosecute state people.

The federal government? Where do we start?

I can run this up the line, littered with personal encounters, and so can most of the disenfranchised country. It’s why we keep not voting in record numbers.

I don’t have an easy answer, because the answer involves six figures or more of government and private cronies going to prison, and that’s crazy talk.

The foxes have the keys. Laws are selectively written, selectively enforced, and selectively reported upon.

A small minority votes, a smaller one elects, and I write checks to the greatest criminal organization in the history of humanity: modern government.

Gregory Nunn, Hawesville

Dems dislike of Trump telling

The Democrats intense hatred for President Donald Trump can mean only one thing: He is doing a great job, and they know it.

Dale Henley, Lexington

America’s age of anxiety

Anxiety runs high in America. We have a president who lies continually and his administration either supports his lies or says the complete opposite of his lies. We, the American people, cannot believe what we are told about national and international issues and events by our own government. The only way we can cope with this anxiety is to stay confused and angry or turn off the television, computer and radio news and hibernate. What is even more sad and dangerous is that we have come to accept the total chaos and misinformation that is hurled at us each and every day.

In my opinion, America is in the worst shape it has been in my lifetime. What is worse, what do we tell our children and grandchildren about our chaotic and lying president and the many in our government that support him? This administration, its leader, and the members of Congress who support this chaos must be voted out by our election process so that America can truly take her proper and respected place both in America and on the world stage.

Barbara Plymale, Lexington