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Letters to the Editor: Change ‘Wheels’ policy, political division, Trump and farmers

McConnell for Senate campaign releases ad for senator’s re-election

In April 2019, "Team Mitch" officially launched its re-election campaign for Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.
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In April 2019, "Team Mitch" officially launched its re-election campaign for Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Broken oaths

The president, the Senate majority leader and the attorney general all took an oath of office in which they swore to support and defend the Constitution. That seems contrary to their actions in Washington now. The president has revoked the press passes of many White House journalists.

The First Amendment guarantees the rights of a free press and is part of the Constitution he took an oath to defend. The Constitution outlined a balance of powers which gives the legislative branch the duty of oversight over the executive branch. Sen. Mitch McConnell has stated that he will not allow the Senate to further investigate the Mueller report regarding the possible obstruction of justice by the president. He is not upholding his oath of office.

Attorney General William Barr has refused to turn over the unredacted Mueller report. He serves the country but has taken a partisan position. He also took the oath of office. This cadre of powerful men is trampling the Constitution. The framers of the Constitution included checks and balances to ensure that one branch doesn’t usurp power. These men have colluded to circumvent this balance and have created a constitutional crisis.

Cheryl Keenan, Lexington

Change Wheels policy

The Lextran Wheels paratransit service for Lexington-Fayette County residents with disabilities allows planned “will call” pick ups for medical appointments, because the client obviously does not know when they will be finished. However, with jury duty, again a situation where Wheels’ clients can’t be sure when they will be finished, Wheels will not allow “will calls.” That is just wrong, and it could even be dangerous for disabled clients of limited means trying to find a way home. This is an easy policy change that can and should be made.

Elizabeth Packard, Lexington

Trump ‘bribes’ farmers

Of course the majority of American farmers will continue to support President Donald Trump. They are being bribed with $15 billion this year, and were allotted a total of $12 billion of taxpayer money last year, to subsidize their losses on crops that China will not buy due to Trump’s tariffs. Trump is buying the farmers’ votes with our taxpayer money.

Claire A. Schuster, Richmond

Schism deeper than politics

The divisions between us are not actually partisan. The divisions are between those of us who uphold the Constitution and the rule of law and those who uphold President Donald Trump. We can no longer suffer the delusion that it isn’t the case that our country is being eviscerated by a narcissist bent on holding power no matter what and that he is not his only concern.

Those that still support Trump cannot support the Constitution and cannot support the rule of law. Akin to Trump, they too are only concerned for themselves and have no real moral compass. The rest of us that do uphold the Constitution and the rule of law need to look them in their eyes and call them what they are: fascists.

The GOP died when it submitted to Russian President Vladimir Putin through the proxy of Trump. Sen. Mitch McConnell is the gatekeeper to their protection; but not our protection, nor the protection of our country, Constitution or rights. He must be removed from Congress. We must save our country.

Robert Moreland, Lexington

Alzheimer’s study

The Alzheimer’s Association estimates that 5.5 million Americans 65 and older are living with Alzheimer’s, including more than 73,000 people in Kentucky. I am an Alzheimer’s researcher, and know the impact the disease has on people. I am working every day to stop it. Now, you can do your part to help prevent Alzheimer’s, while monitoring your own brain health.

The Alzheimer Prevention Trials (APT) Webstudy is an online memory test that you take at home every three months. Researchers use the results to track your memory and notify you if there are any noticeable changes over time. In addition to online monitoring, the APT Webstudy helps connect people with clinical trials aiming to slow or prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Anyone who has seen this disease knows the toll it can take. If you’re over 50 and interested in monitoring your memory and advancing Alzheimer’s disease research, learn more at APTWebstudy.org.

Dr. Paul Aisen, The APT Webstudy, San Diego, California