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Letters to the editor: Readers debate WLEX 18 decision to part ways with Lee Cruse

Anchor Lee Cruse apologizes for racist joke made on air

WLEX Lee Cruse apologizes after praising BBC DJ who compared the Royal Baby with a chimpanzee.
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WLEX Lee Cruse apologizes after praising BBC DJ who compared the Royal Baby with a chimpanzee.

Give Cruse another chance

In regards to the firing of Lee Cruse by WLEX 18 and the recent op-ed in Herald-Leader, I have come to praise Lee Cruse. Cruse has been a bastion of promoting commerce and new businesses in the Bluegrass. His leaving has left a hole in my heart and a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon in the heart of Hayley Harmon, Cruse’s co-host. The victims of the families of the massacre at Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, forgave the shooter. Forgiveness is what they had been taught by their pastors and Bible school teachers. If Williams was around in the 1970s, he would have insisted that the television show All in the Family with Archie Bunker be taken off the air. I cannot believe that Williams, WLEX 18 and NBC don’t have forgiveness in their hearts. Please bring back Cruse. I am sure he will atone for what has happened.

David French, Richmond

Cruse remarks racist

What Lee Cruse said on TV was racist and a disgrace to the African-American race. And all WLEX 18 and its management initially did was give him a week off — a vacation. The BBC station fired its broadcaster on the spot for his racist remarks about the Royals.

Cruse appeared to find it funny and laughed throughout the program. His co-host told him that the original post was racist. I won’t be watching WLEX 18 anymore.

Flora Byrd, Lexington

Forgive, not fire, Cruse

I am so sorry to see Lee Cruse fired for one mistake in 20 years, and to see the Rev. L Clark Williams not understanding Jesus’ ministry and gospel of forgiveness. Has no one at 18 ever made a mistake and gotten forgiven? Or are they all divorced, fired, etc., over and over for mistakes? And Williams brings the gospel into disrespect for an unforgiving attitude. It doesn’t speak well for his credentials as a pastor. Jesus told Peter to forgive 70 times seven.

I’m done with WLEX 18 until they apologize and bring Cruse back.

Brad Bigam, Wilmore

Bevin, not Trump, the issue

I disagree with the Herald-Leader’s May 23 headline that to defeat Gov. Matt Bevin, Democratic candidate Andy Beshear will have to defeat President Donald Trump. The statement is inflammatory and misleading and makes the race between the wrong people.

It was Bevin, not Trump, who insulted the teachers of Kentucky by suggesting they are spoiled brats because they expect their pension to be paid. It was Bevin who made ridiculous accusations of children being abused because our teachers were exercising their right to protest for their livelihood. And it is Bevin who mocks and insults his opponents here in Kentucky, behavior which is immature and inconsistent with effective leadership.

Bevin is negative energy and keeps Kentucky mired in a pit of controversy. We need change here in the Bluegrass. We need something good and positive, not more of the same. You may love Trump or hate him but Bevin is not Trump. Bevin is Kentucky’s own private mess and we need to clean it up.

Jenifer Haney Payne, Lexington

Let me count the reasons …

I read a letter recently in the Herald-Leader from a reader who felt that the sole reason some Americans don’t like President Donald Trump is because supposedly he is doing a wonderful job, and we don’t want to admit it. Of course, the writer supplied no facts to back up his argument. Sorry, but we don’t like him because we feared he would do a terrible job, and he matched our expectations. Trump felt he knew how to handle North Korea, and that bad situation got worse. He promised to get us out of one war, and instead he’s getting us into another one. He wanted to help farmers, and instead his tariffs are hurting them. He thinks neo-Nazis are “good people,” and he hires other “good people” who kowtow to him, only to fire them when a better kowtower comes along. And he is not capable of recognizing truth, even when it’s obvious. We dislike Trump because he is hurting our country and our citizens.

Esther Murphy, Lexington

Fix poor voter turnout

Eighty percent of voters didn’t vote. We have repeatedly witnessed terrible turnouts of voters. To change that, we need election reform.

Can you blame people for not voting? Many non-voters don’t believe it will make a difference in our state. The majority of voters may actually be as cynical as non-voters.

To bring people out in droves, offer the voters some real changes.

We could have a “none of the above” selection on the ballot, or allow votes by mail. Most importantly, voter guides, could be sent out to all voters with all candidates profiles, positions they’d like to highlight and contact information. We need to cut down on elections by expensive glossy postcards and other false glorifications by advertising agencies.

Web pages could be provided for candidates as well as websites to be monitored by a nonpartisan group for selection and posting of the public’s questions and answers submitted by candidates.

Political Action Committees could be eliminated, campaign times shortened, and voters could rank candidates on the ballot by first, second, third, fourth, etc. This would eliminate the need for primaries and voters will get to choose who they want, among other benefits.

Take back our democracy!

Don Pratt, Lexington

City needs paper recycling program

Please include my vote in a strong dissent of the decision by Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government to not recycle paper products. By this decision, our city leaders quickly demoted Lexington from a world-class university city to a backwater, bump-in-the-road village harnessed to a culture of failure. I gather from the city’s press release that this decision is budget-driven. The mayor and our council members need to quickly sharpen their pencils and find a way in the budget to continue the current recycling program to include paper products. The $379 million LFUCG budget is filled with spending that is better directed to a world-class recycling program for a world-class university city.

Brad Hawkins, Lexington