Letters to the Editor

Letters: D-Day heroes, city golf courses in bad shape, planting on Richmond Road

1944 Newsreel film recaps D-Day invasion

Historic United Newsreel film that played in American movie theaters in 1944. The documentary used rehearsal footage to recap the June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion of France during WWII.
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Historic United Newsreel film that played in American movie theaters in 1944. The documentary used rehearsal footage to recap the June 6, 1944 D-Day invasion of France during WWII.

Heroes needed

Thinking about D-Day and how so many gave their lives for country and democracy. It’s hard to wrap my head around the unwillingness of even one Republican to take the perceived political risk to save our democracy. I wonder where our heroes are today.

Simone Salomon, Lexington

City golf courses in poor shape

If the city and Mayor Linda Gorton want Lexington golf courses to fail, they are on the right track. Lakeside Golf Course has new wooden blocks that look homemade sitting in the fairway and the grounds are so dry it’s hard to find any grass. Pretty soon the blocks will look like Meadowbrook Golf Course’s: unkempt and hard to find in the weeds. Gay Brewer, Jr. Course at Picadome’s tee boxes are nothing but dirt and it’s hard to find a flat stance because most boxes are humped up. Kearney Hills Golf Links had some of the best staff representing the city until a longtime employee was fired recently. That employee was a hard worker who ran the concession stand, helped in the pro shop and the starter area and picked up balls on the range. Not a very professional way to treat a dedicated employee.

Mark Tipton, Lexington

Plantings pleasing

I would like to commend the Lexington Corridors Commission for the beautiful plantings on the medians of Richmond Road, Clays Mill and Newtown Pike. The commission has made Lexington more welcoming and beautiful for all of our visitors and citizens.

Chris Smith, Lexington

Pension crisis fix

In 2017, the Kentucky Retirement Systems Board of Trustees, after being stacked by Gov. Matt Bevin, passed new, conservative assumptions about investment returns for public pensions and payroll growth. This raised KRS pension contributions by the quasi-governmental agencies to 47 percent in 2018. This huge hike resulted in the regional universities, public health departments and other agencies for at-risk groups cutting services and employees.

The 2019 General Assembly then froze that rate to keep these entities from going bankrupt, but Bevin vetoed that bill. Bevin has proposed another special session on pensions, but GOP legislators have resisted accepting Bevin’s alternative bill.

These actions created a crisis out of a problem. Kentucky needs its public health departments, its regional universities and other quasi-governmental agencies to continue to provide citizens essential services. Bevin doesn’t mind endangering and crippling these in the name of fiscal conservatism and smaller government, especially as they do not impact the rich but provide a safety net for middle- and lower-income groups. One way to resolve this “crisis” is for the KRS board to recalculate its figures based on earlier assumptions. Call them at 502-696-8800 or email krsmail@kyret.ky.gov.

Margaret Gardiner, Danville

Thoughts on healthcare

Much of the public would like an expansion of the Affordable Care Act instead of replacing it. The pre-existing condition clause is very popular, and I’d wager any candidate that pushed to remove coverage for pre-existing conditions would be in danger of not being re-elected. ACA is a fine law if my senators would read it (well, the 180-or-so- page summaries), but scary to most who haven’t. There are a lot of ways to paint the ACA to appeal to Democrats and Republicans. I’d suggest trying to distance from President Donald Trump’s plan. Maybe we can avert this train getting out of control before we end up with full single-party universal care that might well and truly bankruptcy us all.

In short, I hope that Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul can persuade Trump to get out of the “kill Obamacare just because Obama made it” instead of on the merits of the program. If we don’t, we may end up with healthcare like Europe and Canada.

James Risner, Lexington

‘Honoring’ one-and-dones

Instead of demeaning the achievements of the legitimate members of the University of Kentucky Athletics Hall of Fame by including Coach John Calipari’s one-and-dones, who, almost without exception, came, saw and left, maybe Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart could establish a separate Wall of Shame. It would be similar to the one on the TV show where they prominently display the photos of those who took on the 10-pound burrito and couldn’t finish the job. Graduate transfers would also be eligible for induction.

Mike Downs, Paris