Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: ‘Reprehensible’ cartoon; focus on bigger problems than horses

Joel Pett

Pett cartoon ‘reprehensible’

A recent cartoon by Joel Pett equating the destruction of nerve gas to the destruction of our president was about as unfunny as Kathy Griffin holding a fake severed head of the likeness of President Donald Trump. In Kentucky, 118 counties voted for Trump and will probably do so again in 2020. The Herald-Leader is on its way to self-destruction by not representing the people of Kentucky. Pett should be fired for this cartoon and his superiors involved for approving this reprehensible cartoon advocating violence or destruction of the president

The mainstream media has been colluding with the Democratic Party for the last three years; first to keep Trump getting elected and then trying to make him an ineffective president after being elected.

I have been reading buying your paper for years but it sure isn’t for your one-sided news. I only buy the Herald-Leader for ads and coupons but I believe I can manage without funding a publication that advocates the destruction of our duly elected president.

Michael Stringer, Somerset

Basic income beneficial

Conservatives should support basic income, a system in which everyone receives a set amount of money from the government on a regular basis. This would encourage small business development. People could build a business while collecting an income and small businesses could also be helped by eliminating the minimum wage. Basic income would create a de facto minimum wage but would allow secondary and tertiary wage earners to work at market rates (which could be lower than the minimum wage).

Basic income would cannibalize many government programs. Food benefits and public housing could be eliminated. Programs encouraging small businesses could be cut, as could arts programs for similar reasons. Students would not need as much money in grants and loans. Basic income would not cost much and could be a net savings.

Providing cash to the poor is better than providing or subsidizing services. The people who get the money can choose how to spend it. The government will be less intrusive into people’s economic lives and will exert less control over industry. A basic income is not more welfare; it is better welfare that that works better with conservative values.

Byron Avery, Lexington

Focus on bigger problems

I am a retired thoroughbred, quarter horse, race and show trainer. I have seen it all both at the track and in the show or rodeo arena.

Every day a different breed or type of animal is on the news. At the moment, it’s horses at Santa Anita Park.

When I lose an animal no matter what type, I cry like a baby because I love them with all my soul. But I wish all the attention that Santa Anita is receiving, and the effort to destroy our rights as animal owners and lovers, were instead focused on bigger problems in our world and the United States.

Feed homeless children, help rebuild after hurricanes or floods — the list I could write would never end. But as usual, PETA and the do-gooders are trying to grab headlines and destroy the things we love in our world.

Every business has its problems, from Wall Street to the coffee shop on the corner. We love our animals of all types and we, or at least me, would rather take the time and effort to help with all the other terrible things going on around us.

Carol Conder, Stonefort, Illinois