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Letters to the Editor: McConnell’s motivation, Bevin missing the boat, debating Trump

Senator Mitch McConnell: ‘Fear not, your country’s in great shape’

United States Senator Mitch McConnell spent an hour Tuesday morning speaking to a group of community leaders and citizens at the Community Arts Center in Danville, Ky.
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United States Senator Mitch McConnell spent an hour Tuesday morning speaking to a group of community leaders and citizens at the Community Arts Center in Danville, Ky.

McConnell’s real motivation

Why does Sen. Mitch McConnell relentlessly advocate the elimination of regulations on coal? Is it because he believes deregulation will create jobs in Eastern Kentucky? Hardly. He knows the coal mining industry in Kentucky is in decline because of market forces; natural gas is cheaper as is pit mining done in the West.

McConnell also knows, but doesn’t seem to care, that overturning regulations negatively impacts the region. Without the stream protection regulation (which McConnell helped to overturn) coal companies can mine up to 50 feet from freshwater streams, polluting drinking water sources and permanently destroying ecosystems, leaving wastelands behind. By 2012, some 1.4 million acres of Appalachian forests had been destroyed by surface mining because of lack of regulations.

Coal generates 16 percent of America’s electricity use. McConnell knows there are cleaner, cheaper, and renewable energy sources which could create jobs in Kentucky. I wonder if his deregulation efforts have anything to do with the fact that he and his wife have received millions of dollars from his father-in-law, James Chao, who makes money shipping, among other things, coal to China. Look at the recent New York Times article about Elaine Chao and make up your own mind.

Margaret Groves, Frankfort

Let Trump do his job

Democrats and East Coast elites think all folks living in the middle of our country are fools and idiots. Not so. There is plenty of intelligence here. Those folks got together and elected Donald Trump president because he had very good-sounding ideas for the people of America. Now, if only other politicians would let him accomplish his ideas. Or even, heaven forbid, help him accomplish his ideas. The Democrats recently approached him to talk about infrastructure. You can’t blame him for turning his back on them. While their right hand offered him something good, their left hand was working hard to stab him in the back. Hopefully they will try cooperating again soon, but this time include some good will and integrity.

Helen Martin, Richmond

Regrets over Trump vote

When I talk to people in my community who voted for President Donald Trump, I find that the vast majority to be sorry that they gave Trump their vote. I think that the pro-Trump comments on social media and comment boards are mostly the result of bogus accounts being used by Russians to try to affect our election process again. Russian President Vladimir Putin wants Trump to win again and destabilize our Western democracy.

It worked in 2016 and Putin is doubling down for 2020. As for Trump’s “rallies”, I believe most of the audience are paid actors who are there only for the money. We need to take the large donations out of our election process and try to take our country back to the day of “by the people, for the people”.

Ralph M. Neyhart, Somerset

Broken promises

I don’t understand people who keep saying our president keeps his promises. He promised that we’d have healthcare that was better, cheaper, and covered everyone. When is that going to start? He said he’d totally eliminate the national debt in eight years, yet he’s jacked it up by trillions. He promised to be presidential — that one that would be funny if it weren’t so serious and serious if it weren’t so funny. And on and on. He’s told thousands of bald-faced lies. I wonder if his followers are living in an alternate universe, where lies are truth.

Roy Crawford, Whitesburg

Restore First Amendment

Last month, U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff introduced a constitutional amendment in Congress to reverse the Citizens United decision. This is the infamous court decision which hardwired the notion that “money is speech” into our elections and public policy process. Never mind that polls consistently show that the public overwhelmingly disagrees. When money is speech, those with excess money get all the speech. Everyone sees that.

Never mind that legal scholars consider the use of money to be “conduct” that manages speech, and not the speech, itself. Today, extremist judges and justices are pretending that free speech consists of only one thing -- the right to say whatever you want without being arrested. They also pretend the First Amendment says nothing about our right to be heard. This misconception compels them to deconstruct the amendment.

As written, the First Amendment joins free speech with four other freedoms into a democratic process. Our freedoms to receive religious and secular information and ideas, to speak our minds, and to be heard by the others and by the government are supposed to work as one. It’s a package. Essentially, Schiff’s proposal would restore our First Amendment as written.

Tom Louderback, Louisville

Bevin missing the boat

Maybe I missed something, but I remember reading that Gov. Matt Bevin (Trump-lite I call him), opposed legalization of recreational marijuana and gambling because neither one provides a solution to our budget woes.

If true, the old joke of a man trapped on his roof by flood waters refusing help from a boat and helicopter comes to mind. Believing God would save him, he ultimately drowns. Arriving in heaven he asked God why he was not saved. Everyone knows the rest of the story, but I wonder if Bevin does.

Maybe, just maybe, the aforementioned “sins” are his boat and helicopter.

Steve Skoien, Georgetown

America for all of us

The top 1 percent has to stop lying to the rest of us. There are those who are saying “Make This Country Great Again”. I am sorry, but we will never live the 1950s or the early 1960s again. We have to stop letting Russian President Vladimir Putin bamboozle us. We have to stop this divisiveness and hatred in this country.

I have always thought that this Earth was Noah’s Ark and we were all the people and animals on it. It has come time for us to act as one people and stop this hatred and divisiveness in this country, before we drown in our own poisonous, venomous ways.

This has to be the land of opportunity for all of us, not just for the top 1 percent.

Victor Privett, Nicholasville