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Letters to the Editor: Pro-choice options, vital speech services, the governor’s race

Kentucky NOW rally for women’s reproductive rights

The Kentucky Chapter of the National Organization for Women held a protest in downtown Lexington Saturday to voice concern about women’s reproductive rights. Some states have recently enacted abortion bans.
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The Kentucky Chapter of the National Organization for Women held a protest in downtown Lexington Saturday to voice concern about women’s reproductive rights. Some states have recently enacted abortion bans.

Pro-choice options

With the Talibangelists in ascendance across much of the South and parts North, those of us who are pro-choice need to make some choices ourselves. For me, one choice is to never vote for the evil that the Republican Party has become. I say that as a “recovered” Republican.

But what can we do if the Antichrist’s, pardon; President Trump’s newly packed Supreme Court does overturn Roe vs. Wade. Importantly, overturning this case would not prohibit choice in all states. Some would continue to protect a woman’s right to control her own body.

Those of us who oppose the conservatives pledge should donate money for a fund for those who cannot exercise their rights in their home states. It would enable them to travel to where freedom still reigns. Surely some reputable national agency would step up to administer the funds and make choice a reality again.

Bonus: Let the conservatives argue for the need to monitor for pregnancy and institute travel bans on American citizens. Although my charitable contributions are anonymous to avoid requests for funds, I will publicly pledge monthly donations to the agency that follows up with this. No religious belief imposed on the unwilling deserves respect.

H. Stephen Midkiff, Mount Sterling

Speech, hearing services vital

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists provide communication support for children and adults who struggle to speak and hear. The evaluation and treatment services provided by speech-language pathologists and audiologists enable people to maintain social connections with others, learn in the classroom or to work.

The importance of these services to individuals and families who benefit from them cannot be underestimated. In fact, speech and language therapy and audiology services are essential to prevent social isolation, facilitate mental health and support success in the classroom and at work. In all cases of communication disorders, having access to speech-language therapy and audiology is critical to ensuring these individuals have the quality of life they deserve.

It is essential that Kentuckians better understand the services speech-language pathologists and audiologists provide in our state. Kentucky has over 3,000 licensed speech-language pathologists and 250 licensed audiologists offering quality education and healthcare services to its citizens.

For more information about speech-language pathology or audiology please contact the Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the professional association for Kentucky therapists.

Kelly Kleinhans, president, Lexington Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Lexington

Trump inconceivable

In the other life (before President Donald Trump) it never occurred to me that we would someday elect a so-called “president” who would lie effortlessly on a daily basis, call people vile names, threaten the men and women in our FBI, CIA, and other intelligence agencies, and promote bizarre conspiracy theories. Indeed our laws and our ideas of acceptable behavior and dignity and honesty were apparently never conceived with the idea that such a deranged individual would or could be elected.

But we now have such a one, and the question becomes what do we do about it? Trump has managed to hoodwink or bamboozle 40 percent of the population into believing his most transparent lies and statements. But we have perhaps the stupidest stricture in the Department of Justice that says that a sitting president cannot be indicted no matter what crimes he commits. This is insane. What it has done is to put an elected official above the law. We have always said that, in America, no person is above the law. Unfortunately that is no longer the case.

James R. Porter, Danville

Put Beshear in governor’s seat

I see that Gov. Matt Bevin is up to his usual tricks, as he has no plans except to destroy the Affordable Care Act, which would take health insurance away from thousands of poor people and little children. That gives him time to run his disgusting campaign ads on TV trying to make Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear look bad, because he knows that when Beshear beats him that Beshear will do what’s good for all Kentuckians, not cater to the most wealthy as Bevin does. Vote for Beshear and bring some respect back to the Kentucky office of governor.

Joe E. Burchard, Paduca