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Letters to the Editor: Flag’s true meaning, Trump isn’t like Ike, UK parking prices

Photo slideshow: Fourth of July parade and festival

Thousands attend the city of Lexington's Fourth of July parade and festival throughout downtown Lexington.
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Thousands attend the city of Lexington's Fourth of July parade and festival throughout downtown Lexington.

Flag’s true meaning

After coming back from France and walking in the cemeteries where men who died at Normandy are buried, I am even more grateful to live in this country. We live In a society where its common to see Facebook postings of parents throwing liquor parties for their 21-year-old children and wealthy couples posing with their new Aston Martin or Ferrari at their luxurious beach houses. Though there is a general ignorance about the Greatest Generation and their values, I will continue to believe in the goodness of humility and patriotism and in the virtue of frugality and servanthood. I will continue to believe that God made us not to flaunt our wealth on social media, but to live humbly helping others.

Fly your American flag with pride, and remember what it stands for.

JD Mackey, Lexington

Lessons from past presidents

If President Donald Trump wants to make “America Great Again”, then he should look to President Dwight D. Eisenhower. In the lead-up to D-Day, Eisenhower wrote two letters. One stated he had full confidence in the courage of the soldiers under his command, devotion to duty and skill in battle. In the other, kept in his pocket in case the invasion failed, he took personal responsibility for its failure. As a recent article in the digital Extra’s section of the Herald-Leader relayed, Ike was always humble: “He was humble enough to talk about, ‘We did so much for the country’ – and it wasn’t ‘I did’; it was ‘We did.’ It was always ‘we’ unless he had to take responsibility, and then it’s ‘I.’”

Trump is the exact opposite of Eisenhower. If a success occurs, then it’s “I” did this. If a failure occurs, then it’s always someone else’s fault. President Harry S. Truman had a sign on his desk stating “The buck stops here”. With Trump, the blame is never his.

Let’s make America Great Again by electing someone with integrity and grit in 2020. Something that no matter how you massage it, Trump will never be.

Joe Crouch, Lexington

Trump’s travels

“Forty-five years. I guess it’s safe to go to Vietnam now. Korea? How long, 65 years? Yeah, okay. France. France? For a D-Day photo op? Jeez, the things I do for my country. But I won’t spend the night there!”

I’m intrigued with the way that President Donald Trump is visiting the scenes of all those wars he and his family didn’t participate in.

Happy July 4th to my fellow Americans. I won’t be sitting in the exclusive VIP section with Trump and his fellow cowards.

Stephen Stahlman, Lexington

It takes a team

The success of a student starts with the student being prepared to learn. Taking homework seriously is a parent-student issue. A good night’s sleep at home would be an asset. Coming to school knowing that concentration does not begin and end with a cell phone in hand would help immensely. Parents need to remind their child that the focus needs to be on school content.

In other words, first-class teachers require students (and parents) working together to prepare students to focus on learning to prepare for success. Teachers need parents and students to work as a three-person team.

Laura Szekely, Lexington

Thank you teachers

If Johnny cannot read, nothing else matters. If you can read this, thank a teacher. Thank you Ms. Huffman.

Tom Dixon, Lexington

UK parking hike

The University of Kentucky’s Transportation Services is now assessing $480 for an annual E Intermediate (first-come, first-served) employee parking pass. That’s an 8.25 percent increase from last year’s $444. The U.S. annual inflation rate is tracking 2 percent.

I work at the Lexington Veterans Administration Center’s Bowling Campus, next to UK’s Medical Center on the UK campus. To get to work without parking a mile from my clinic, I am subject to UK’s confiscatory extortion.

I understand UKMC opened 100-plus beds recently. That requires more doctors, nurses and support staff. I wonder where the parking spaces for these folks are going to come from. Currently, every available E space is full by 7 a.m.

Thanks, UK transportation, for using your monopoly to hurt everyone who provides healthcare for veterans and citizens of this great commonwealth.

John Grider, Versailles