Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Trump. Also, Pence.

Manners, Mr. President

I wonder if President Donald Trump was a feral child and his parents’ only contribution was genetic. Most people learn not to lie, and to use self control and some semblance of manners and appropriate social conduct by the time they reach adulthood.

There is no indication that he had any training in these skills. His behavior is an embarrassment to the nation and is a terrible example to our youth.

Cheryl Keenan, Lexington

Pence, GOP complicit

After President Donald Trump’s “everyone-does-it” statement about accepting help from foreign governments, I wonder why Vice-President Mike Pence didn’t speak out and resign. A decent, capable vice-president would not tolerate Trump. Complicit Pence must not be crowned with the presidency after Trump is impeached. Passive, puppet Republicans in Congress are also complicit in all of Trump’s ongoing crimes — they must be defeated in the 2020 election. Congressional Democrats need to take control and show genuine leadership — no behind-closed-doors testimony. Impeach Trump and Pence now.

Americans must get involved, speak out emphatically, and protest these deplorable days of Trumpworld destroying our America.

Michael Gregoire, Louisville

Trump dragging U.S. down

Since Donald Trump was elected president by a minority of voters, it should be clear to any informed, thoughtful citizen that his goals are to make himself and his family richer and to feed his narcissism. Governing in a way to promote the general welfare is beyond Trump’s comprehension.The position of president of the United States is a job and has job description. Trump is no more capable of filling that job that the man on the moon.

The Republican Party and the politically conservative cultists have been working for decades to make rich citizens richer. They have used Trump and their recent congressional majority to further concentrate wealth in the top percent and leave all the others behind. Any citizen that does not recognize this needs to have a consciousness-raising treatment.

The nation is much worse off since Trump assumed the job of president.

Stephen Senft, Lexington

We’re already at war

Let’s not kid ourselves, we are at war with Iran. War is more than boots on the ground, planes in the air, and bombs on the ground. It is an adversarial contest of dominance where one is either trying to control the other or destroy them. The human responsible for this state is President Donald Trump. He doesn’t understand that peace is rendered not by competition and an expression of superiority over another, but a building of trust and cooperation toward mutual aims and goals if possible.

Peace occurs through an understanding and awareness of all the parties and their cultures and the history that has brought them to where they are. Peace does not resolve through prejudices and stigma, but understanding and reason. Trump nurtures extremism, destructive demagoguery, and a flawed notion that strength is found in dominance and deception, and not in balance and integrity. He attempts to overpower others with threat and a demand of loyalty to his corruption.

The means to his ends will never bring any justification and it will not end well. We are losing precious time as he runs out a clock to disaster, consolidating more and more power to himself.

Robert Moreland, Lexington

Trump’s bluff

President Donald Trump’s “attack” on Iran was designed to never really “attack” anything. It was designed to force Iran back to the negotiating table where Trump could intimidate Iran into accepting his vision. A year’s worth of sanctions against Iran were not getting Trump anywhere and hurting his re-election bid for president. Bigger bullying was needed. The night before the “attack” Trump’s people may have sent a message through the Oman government that U.S. forces would shortly be on the way, but would back off if Iran was willing to talk again. That would thus help Trump get re-elected as president. The Iranians turned down the invitation, and had Trump not called off the mission the Iranians might have been able to exact a horrible toll on U.S forces because they knew the attack was coming. This really would have significantly hurt Trump’s re-election chances.

What Trump and his covey of “yes people” that surround him can’t seem to understand is that Iran, China, India, North Korea and any other country on which Trump has imposed sanctions aren’t interested in helping Trump get re-elected. Our adversaries see Trump getting removed from office as a good thing for them.

Gene Lockhart, Lexington

So many questions

Many questions about President Donald Trump and the political fog surrounding him go unanswered or answered erroneously through TV editing. Even though Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t charge Trump with any crimes, it doesn’t mean Trump didn’t commit any crimes. Watch the Mueller testimony online from beginning to end; you may be surprised at the truth found in its totality.

Congress hasn’t tried to impeach the president either. According to The Hill, Republican senators say that if the House passes articles of impeachment against Trump, they will stop them in the Senate. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want Trump to avoid any due punishment.

But lately, his erratic behavior appears to be him forcing Congress to attempt to impeach him so the Senate can reject it. That way, he’ll avoid punishment for obstruction of justice, of which many cases appear to have been committed.

Evan Flaugher, Lexington