Letters to the Editor

Letters: Capilouto’s big salary unwarranted; ‘In God We Trust’ signs unconstitutional

Big salary unwarranted

For 2018, University of Kentucky President Eli Capilouto received $1.5 million, putting him in the top salary bracket for college potentates. In fact, he ranks No. 4 in the nation.This disclosure comes only a few days after the news that, for lack of adequate dorm space, some UK students will have to live in converted study areas with three other beds or share a room with a resident advisor.Granted, Capilouto has had some significant successes in his tenure: better retention and graduation rates and $1 billion-plus in private donations.

But here’s the kicker: U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 ranking of the top 100 national universities has just four from the SEC: Vanderbilt, Georgia, Florida and Texas A&M.

If and when Capilouto can lead UK into that academic realm, maybe he’ll deserve those big bucks. But not before.

Buddy Waller, Mount Sterling

Sign of the times

Every day we read about the endless problems facing Kentucky and our lack of funds to address and remedy all these issues. Somehow, though, there is money to mandate that every school post a sign reading “In God We Trust”. Never mind that this is a clear violation of separation of church and state. I wonder how reading a sign, if it’s read at all, is going to help.

I believe this is the work of folks who believe that this is a Christian country, and maybe the rest of us should go back where we came from. They certainly don’t care about making children feel uncomfortable at school. Perhaps that money could be better spent giving a hungry child a free lunch.Then there are our representatives who voted for this when they should know what the Constitution says. It’s always all about getting elected.

Simone Salomon, Lexington

What about miners’ paychecks?

Let me see; a large coal mining company goes bankrupt. The checks of workers were cancelled, leaving the workers with no ability to pay bills, buy food, etc., as well as overdrawn notices flying like birds over the area. Now, very quickly, the bankrupt coal mining company finds a buyer. This buyer loans them $8 million, $2 million of which goes to the lawyers. The hard-working miners themselves get nothing.

I wonder if anyone finds this to be a callous and immoral act. How about Sen. Mitch McConnell, who manages to bring forth the status of coal miners just before each of his elections, then does nothing for them and puts the issue back to rest after he is elected. Hopefully a judge with morals and ethics will right this issue quickly.

Leslie Berger, Berea

McConnell a thrall to Russia

By refusing to allow election security bills to come to the floor of the Senate for a vote, Sen. Mitch McConnell betrays America and shows that he is as much Russian President Vladimir Putin’s lickspittle puppet as President Donald Trump is. There is no logical reason for denying a hearing to these bills protecting our election process other than it is the only way a corrupt GOP party thinks it can win future elections. One needs to investigate McConnell’s financial ties to Russia, as he seems quite as content as the Russian collaborator occupying the White House to sell out America to its enemies.

Charles Edward Pogue, Lexington

So very proud...

I don’t know in which of our two senators we, as Kentuckians, should take the most pride: the one who chooses not to support first responders or the one who chooses not to support our system of democratic elections. We can feel confident and take pride our senators are selflessly making decisions which demonstrate compassion in Sen. Rand Paul’s case and hubris in Sen. Mitch McConnell’s case, adding to their legacies as public servants.

Charles Myers, Lexington