Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Reaction to Mueller’s testimony; Amy McGrath’s slim chance

Matter of conscience

As I look at the coverage of the conditions at our southern border and the conditions following our government’s attempts to curb the traffic of immigrants from Central America, I am reminded of a conversation I had years ago with a lawyer friend who had been a commonwealth attorney. We were discussing the inequities of our criminal justice system. The attorney, whom I believe to be a deeply religious and moral person, said, “George, when I think about some of the things that I did to people when I was the commonwealth attorney, I fear for my soul.” This unforced comment obviously reflected something that preyed on his conscience.

No matter what one’s attitude toward the present “crisis” at the border and any obligation of the United States to address the conditions of the immigrants who come here hoping for rescue or help with the conditions that exist in their home country, I wonder if someday those involved will have reason to say that they fear for their souls too. Separation of families, concentration camp-like incarcerations, and the denial of rights guaranteed by our Constitution, our laws and our compliance with international law all are unnecessary and cruel.

George W. Noe, Harrodsburg

McGrath has no chance

Horace Mann, the great American educational reformer, once wrote a line apropos to Amy McGrath’s recent announcement for U.S. Senate. His line reads “Lost, yesterday, between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours… . No reward is offered, for they are gone forever”. These words will epitomize McGrath’s attempt to unseat Sen. Mitch McConnell. Who wants a greenhorn in the Senate? Heck, it would take her five years to learn how to do the job and Kentucky doesn’t need a trainee in Washington.She is just an out-of-touch liberal recruited by the D.C “swamp rats” to push rubbish to the people of Kentucky. Her liberal platitudes won’t fly in the Bluegrass State and she’ll be soundly thumped in the election.

But there is some good news with her announcement: There will be numerous jobs for Kentucky geography teachers who will be hired to teach her where she is going and how to get back to Lexington. Our commonwealth is a big place and she’ll be lost before sunrise.

Robert Adams, Lexington

Mueller bombed

To say that former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony was a bust; well, really a disaster; would be putting it mildly. The optics were terrible, Mueller looked old and not really there. Some commentators speculated that Mueller did not write the report. It also seemed at times that Mueller had not even read the report.

Even CNN called the testimony a loser for the Democrats. The only bright spots were that it allowed Reps. Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff to come across as the hateful people that they are in real life.

Jim Wiese, Lexington

Missing souls

I could not believe what I was hearing from some of the mouths of Republicans at former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony recently. I wonder how could they sit up there and accuse the Democrats of harassing the president and defend the president they way they did. If you have no soul, lying comes easy. If you have no soul, it’s easy to see people who don’t look like you with hatred and contempt, especially if the majority of your congressional party feels the same way about things.

Having members of your party agreeing with you doesn’t make a lie the truth. A lie is a lie is a lie. When President Donald Trump is indicted after the 2020 election, I wonder if these same people are going to continue to support him or if they are going to choose to go down in flames with him. Vote them all out.

Yolanda Averette, Lexington