Letters to the Editor

Readers react: ‘Moscow Mitch’ gets a taste of his own medicine. He’s had it coming.

Truth hurts, senator

So “Moscow Mitch” doesn’t like his new nickname. Well, I guess so; everybody knows the bought-and-paid-for Senator McConnell really works for Beijing. Regardless, I’ve listened to right-wing folks spew the “Commie” slur for decades, and as far as I’m concerned, McConnell can pound sand. All these years taking Kentucky taxpayers’ money and I have yet to see him do anything to benefit Kentuckians, unless those Kentuckians happened to have a bajillion dollars to donate.

Now McConnell can’t even make a move to help secure our elections because he’s terrified that blocking foreign interference might put Republicans at a disadvantage. That should be a wake-up call for every poor fool who continues to vote for these self-promoting “conservatives”.

“Facts matter. Details matter. History matters.” That’s rich, coming from someone who’s been in the forefront of the Republican Party’s outright refusal to work for “We the People”, while proclaiming themselves the only real Americans.

It’s past time people started calling it like it is. McConnell is starting to get a little of what he’s had coming for years.

Wayne Adams, Lexington

Must be re-election time

It is time for Sen. Mitch McConnell to make another run for the Senate, and there he was again this year, preening for the camera while cutting a ribbon celebrating the destruction of the chemical weapons stored at the Bluegrass Army Depot in Richmond.

It seems that every six years, when it’s time for him to run for office, things suddenly start happening concerning the disposal of the weapons, and McConnell is always there, ready to take the credit. Mysteriously, after each election, the news about McConnell and the destruction of the weapons disappears until the time for his next election rolls around.

This is McConnell’s MO. He never fails to show up at picture-taking time, but is nowhere to be found when a lowly constituent needs his help. After using our votes to get himself elected year after year, and after giving huge tax cuts to his rich benefactors, McConnell is now threatening to reduce our Social Security and Medicare benefits. I wonder if he truly cares about the best interests of the people of Kentucky, or is secretly laughing at us all the way to the bank.

Janice Carter, Lexington

New job for Paul

My wife and I have been discussing buying Sen. Rand Paul a ticket. We thought about sending him back to where he was born in Pennsylvania or maybe to Texas. Either would get him out of our hair. But we settled on a ticket to Eastern Kentucky and a slot working in a black lung clinic. Maybe there he would learn that there are more important things for a leader in our country to do than spouting racist tropes and snuggling up to President Donald Trump.

David L. Arnold, Versailles

Go home, Rand

Our junior Sen. Rand Paul, whose home state is Texas, continues to embarrass us by publicly stating he would buy U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar a plane ticket to Somalia. Omar, who is an emigrant from Somalia and a proud naturalized U.S. citizen, has come under fire for critical remarks she made about President Donald Trump. Omar, who is an emigrant from Somalia and a proud naturalized U.S. citizen, has come under fire for critical remarks she made about President Donald Trump.

Paul’s smart-aleck offer was no doubt intended to ingratiate himself to the president and get his name in the media to satisfy his huge ego. I will guarantee to buy Paul a one-way ticket to Texas if he will just go there, stay there, and keep his mouth shut.

Jack Blanton, Lexington

Paul an embarrassment

As a physician, I’m ashamed to call Sen. Rand Paul a colleague and even more so to call him my senator. His racist comment echoing our president rather than standing up to him is embarrassing. As a child of immigrants, I am working to right the wrongs in my community much like the U.S.representatives are working toward improving their home. Paul’s commentary undermines the endeavors made by our diverse communities and does nothing but reinforce the stereotypes that Kentucky is a state of short-sighted ignorance. I expect more from an educated man such as Paul. Rather than engaging in intelligent discourse with varying opinions he chose the low road pandering to divisiveness and hatred. He has lost my vote.

Dr. Danesh Mazloomdoost, Lexington

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