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Farewell lunch-bucket Democrats and RIP Cokie Roberts: Your letters

Cokie Roberts
Cokie Roberts ABC

Look in the mirror, Dems

Acknowledge this, Democrats: that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer can’t speak without notes and seldom looks at the camera; that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “uhs’ and tics are off-putting; that President Donald Trump is a splendid speaker. That he electrifies the crowd, and does it off the cuff.

People know I am a Democrat who still votes the ticket. But we loyalists despair over how much the party has lost touch with lunch-bucket voters. Our candidates ought to cut their tethers to the consulting class. Alas, the moralists, the feminists and the talking heads hold it tighter than Dick’s hatband.

It is not too late for soul-searching. For an admission that some Democrats who enjoyThe New Yorker voted for Trump. That most every American agrees that we should secure the southern border. A wall is not the answer, but it is an answer. That the Bush-Clinton trade pacts were sell-outs to Silicon Valley donors. That there is a big difference between first trimester abortions and third trimester abortions. That political correctness has run amok.

John F. Lackey, Richmond

Gas price hike

Price gouging at gas stations is happening again. Many gas stations around town changed the price of regular gas from $2.16 to $2.59 or $2.60 per gal on Sept. 16. The excuse was due to the gas shortage after the attacks on oil installations in the Middle East. This is nothing but pure greed. Our state government needs to put a stop to this immediately. The corporate moguls get richer, while we have to buy gas. Our government says we have no shortage. Gov. Matt Bevin needs to step up now.

Gail Burton, Lexington

No time to waste

A book by author David Wallace-Wells, The Uninhabitable Earth, lists some of the things that may happen soon before 2100 due to climate change.

Death from excessive heat starting at the band around the equator.

Death from starvation due to massive droughts and floods.

Death from drowning due to sea rising in low-lying areas.

Death from disasters such as epic fires and hurricanes.

It’s been reported that July 2019 was the hottest year on record — again. The chief cause of this excessive warming is too much carbon in the atmosphere caused by, among other things, the burning of fossil fuels.

Experts tell us this process could possibly be slowed by a substantial decrease in burning of fossil fuels such as oil and gas and a continued increase in the use of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.

It will take time to implement new policies, but time is limited. It behooves us to increase our activities to extend the life of our planet for our children and grandchildren. A lot depends on politicians, who appear to be bought off by the fossil fuel industry.

It is up to us to decide whether we will stand by and watch the world burn.

Ed Cunningham, Danville

Missing Cokie Roberts

Cokie Roberts: There are people whom one can’t imagine as passing, and Ms. Roberts was at the top of my list. I so enjoyed and learned much from her intelligent, thoughtful and honest discussions of politics, the church, the Supreme Court, women’s struggles and the importance of family. She was a champion of those who faced persecution, racism and poverty. I will miss her incredible stimulation.

Sally Siebert, Nicholasville