Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Not a fan of monumental sculptures at Henry Clay Estate

The “La Tour” sculpture by John Henry Sculpture, at Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, photographed Tuesday, July 9, 2019.
The “La Tour” sculpture by John Henry Sculpture, at Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate, photographed Tuesday, July 9, 2019. rhermens@herald-leader.com

Ashland sculptures bad fit

Over the last three months as I’ve walked my dog I’ve noted the lack of people walking around or looking at the towering John Henry sculptures on the grounds of Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate. This has confirmed my view that they are out of place and out of scale for the grounds of the estate. Consistently, the number of people has been zero.

However, the tree stump near the corner of Sycamore Road and Richmond Road that was carved into a horse head by Lexington-based artist Kiptoo Tarus has consistently gotten people to stop their cars, walk across the grass and walk around, photograph family members standing beside it, and admire the work. Standing at roughly 10 feet tall, it is much more in scale to the estate and the neighborhood than the towering 50-to-60-feet tall John Henry sculptures.

To quote Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, a noted 20th century architect who is one of the founders of modern architecture and a proponent of simplicity, “Less is more”. The estate should consider replacing the monumental sculptures with something more to the scale of the house and grounds. The sculptures belong in a downtown public space, not on the grounds of the estate.

Joe and Kathy Crouch, Lexington

Actions show all

I tried to adhere to a basic principle when I faced a choice of our next leader. I long ago came to believe that if a person cheated my neighbor, then he would certainly cheat me. I did not support Donald Trump because of this principle, which cut through all the analysis, punditry, outright lies, and questionable news on social media.

With the president’s decision to withdraw our small number of troops from Syria, abandoning the Kurds, our allies, in the fight against ISIS to almost certain conflict and genocide from Turkey, I am confronted with another basic principle: You do not cavalierly abandon your comrades in arms who have given their lives to fight your fight. I cannot imagine how a veteran of our armed forces, which have incredible pride and dedication to never leaving a comrade on the battlefield, could defend Trump for this action. In our fractured political and partisan divide that is furthered by our own political parties and adversarial foreign countries, it seems we should hold tight to some simple basic principles: The politician who will cheat your neighbor will cheat you; the president who will abandon our allies will abandon you.

George W. Noe, Harrodsburg

Wanted: more business ethics

As a senior citizen, I am constantly disappointed with the lack of ethics in businesses today. In growing up I was taught the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

What we have today:

Fake come-ons that just set people up for a higher price.

Deceptive ways to charge people higher prices once they become a customer.

Circumventing the truth about the availability of rooms or flights.

Frequently adding small fees and charges to TV-internet accounts almost every billing.

Senior management not backing up their employees or agents on promises they’ve made.

Businesses find ways to take advantage of their customers, rather than trying to develop a relationship with them. I wonder if this type of thinking starts to permeate society and we become more cynical about our dealings with people or businesses. It makes one feel like they always have to be on the defensive in order to survive and makes us all into a person we’d rather not be.

Charles Adams, Georgetown

Cut off robocalls

Robocalls need to be stopped. I wonder how many senior citizens who need bed rest have been woken up these robocalls, or who have fallen trying to answer robocalls.

Not only senior citizens, but poor souls just home from the hospital who are restricted to their beds trying to rest. There seems to be more and more of these robocalls every day. There should be a law passed making these calls illegal.

Bill Manuel, Lexington

Op-ed timely

Thank you to Michael Coblenz for his recent op-ed on climate change. We are living thru these extremes right now and they will only get worse. I appreciate the Herald-Leader attempting to educate the general public on this crisis; we are running out of time.

Tracy Bentley, Midway