Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Trump’s betrayal, ‘gutless’ McConnell and suffering in Syria

McConnell ‘gutless’

This latest move by President Donald Trump is likely to result in genocide among the Kurds, advance Russian President Vladimir Putin’s agenda in Syria, and further alienate our allies. This follows his treasonous engagement with Ukraine, a slanderous media propaganda campaign against former Vice President Joe Biden, and calling on China to interfere in our elections. On top of all the grotesque and criminal acts, Trump speaks of himself in messianic delusional terms. How much more can we stand? Where is Sen. Mitch McConnell hiding? His gutless leadership and political corruption are causing great harm to the well-being of our nation, and our world.

Beverly C. Johnson-Miller, Lexington

Sanction Turkey

Just days ago, in spite of the U.S. president’s recanting an apparent green light given earlier, the current one-man regime in Turkey invaded Northern Syria. The invasion is called “Operation Peace Spring”, but has nothing to do with peace. It brings only death, suffering, and injustice.

The primary reason for this invasion is the survival of the increasingly dictatorial regime of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which has no hope left other than waging wars domestically and in Northern Syria, which is being turned into a deadly playground in support of his political ambitions.

This is a tragic assault on our Kurdish allies who bravely bore the brunt of the campaign against the terrorist Islamic State. How can the United States be trusted in a world where we treat allies and friends as important when we need them and as disposable when they need us? I urge Congress to consider whatever actions may be at its disposal to discourage and sanction this action by Turkey and to demonstrate that there is a shred of integrity somewhere in the United States. We owe this to both the Kurds and Turkey, an important NATO ally that is in domestic peril of its own.

T. Kerby Neill, Lexington, board member of Central Kentucky Council for Peace and Justice

Get rid of Trump

We now know that it was a “perfect call” because President Donald Trump found a legitimate reason that could nominally be used for the real reason behind his shakedown of the Ukrainian government to help his re-election campaign. This will never appear to be proven. The people that equate legality with morality will not allow it. Trump has made a career out of using the letter of the system to his advantage. This started with him losing the popular election but winning the Electoral College. We may or may not have known about the existence or extent of this personality trait at the time of his election, but no matter now. We have a constitutional right to impeach and convict if our elected representatives want to. As columnist David Brooks points out, Trump has never polled more than the mid-40s in popularity, and all the non-Trumpists need to do is vote for whomever runs against him. It doesn’t matter if the House impeaches him. It doesn’t matter if the Senate refuses to convict. We only have to reject him at the ballot box. If you reject Trump’s idea of “perfection”, you will vote for whomever runs against Trump.

Jack W. Morris, Stamping Ground

Presidential backstab

President Donald Trump is betraying our allies. The Kurds stood beside us to defeat ISIS. They took many casualties. Now, after a crazy phone call from the president of Turkey, we have abandoned the Kurds. I wonder if it is a surprise to anyone that the are two Trump Towers in Istanbul. We must vote out Trump by impeachment or the ballot box. He has no honor and he is projecting his lack of honor on our foreign policy. When ISIS comes back, we will have no one to blame but ourselves. We have put our allies in the direct line of fire. Thousands of ISIS members who were being guarded by the Kurds will now get to run free. Trump made the decision on his own without consulting anyone else. We must vote him out before America’s reputation is as soiled as his is.

Mary Lisle, Lexington

Something’s amiss

There’s something wrong with our country when it takes 67 percent of the Senate to clean out a corrupt president or other high official but it takes only 51 votes to confirm a Supreme Court justice to a lifetime seat.

Bob Crovo, Lexington