Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Thanks to Baptist, unhappy about cable bills, plenty of politics

Horses for everyone!

Because Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders and other liberals running for president have proposed free health insurance, free college tuition, forgiveness of debt, free housing, guaranteed income and unrealistic promises that will cost hundreds of trillions of dollars, my question is this: “Will those of us who have an interest in the horse business (breeding, training and racing) be given free horses of our choice?”

As the new government agency “Horses for All” awards everyone horses, competition will be eliminated as the government provides race-goers useless money to bet at government tracks. Big races will have catchy new names like The Poverty Handicap,The Bankruptcy Derby, The Preakless, and the Toilet Bowl Handicap. No one will take a risk, no one will win or lose money and everyone will feel wonderful.

Robert Adams, Lexington

Move Kentucky forward

Kentucky has the natural capability to grow. It is large enough, green enough, populated with strong, smart people, lots of natural resources and full of future capability and potential. It is only being held back by people like President Donald Trump, Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, Gov. Matt Bevin, conservative Republican politicians and religious zealots who impede progress and focus on the past. They want to take Kentucky back in time and prevent progress. This is true of our country as a whole.

Kentuckians need to resist and vote for a progressive future where they are not held back and subjected to the social, economic, environmental, physical and educational past. New politicians need to move Kentucky forward creating progress while preserving Kentucky values.

Harold Trainer, Prospect

Thank you, Baptist hospital

Nine years ago this month I was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. I would not be here today except for the grace of God and the wonderful doctors, nurses, and others too numerous to name involved in my treatment at Central Baptist Hospital (now Baptist Health). The hospital has the most caring and professional people you could ever hope for during this journey. They greet you with a smile, some give you a hug, and always with patience and kindness. I thank them for all they do and the hope they give.

Carol Garber, Lexington

Cable catch

As new companies expand into Lexington offering high-speed internet, many consumers like me who switch will painfully learn that Spectrum has sneaked in an extra billing charge as you leave. As of a few months ago, if you cancel your service with Spectrum, you will be billed for a full billing cycle, rather than the bill being prorated. This is disappointing but not surprising from a company with a well-documented history of complaints in Lexington. Buyer beware.

Aaron S Yelowitz, Lexington

Trump’s business tactics

The news about the closing of Lone Oak Golf Course due to financial problems is not surprising. Like Andover golf course, the business model of private, members-only golf courses is not working anymore. The membership dues can no longer pay the course’s upkeep expenses. Private golf courses are going bankrupt all over the United States.

President Donald Trump’s golf course business strategy has been to buy upscale private courses that were for sale because they were going bankrupt.Then Trump invests money in upgrading the course and clubhouse but still has the same members-only business model.

Financial disclosures reveal that Trump’s golf courses in Scotland and Ireland lose millions of dollars each year. His U.S. courses don’t have to disclose their financial results, but golf course ownership is a money-losing business. I wonder if Trump is just accumulating debt that his creditors will have to pay when the courses finally go bankrupt. That is exactly what Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell are doing to the U.S. government right now.

Kevin Kline, Lexington

‘Routine’? Hardly.

Rep. Andy Barr says it is quite simply “routine” for this president to solicit foreign governments’ involvement in America’s presidential elections. In all my years, which are plenty, I never thought I would ever see such a comment coming from one of our elected representatives much less the Republican Party. I was hoping for the day when those like Barr, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sen. Rand Paul would have had enough from this caricature of a president and quit kneeling down and kissing the ring of Don Trump “Corleone”. It’s not going to happen.

Bob Sutton, Springfield