Letters to the Editor

Letters: If schools want to help keep kids safe, start teaching driver education again

Put driver’s ed into schools

As this is National Teen Driving Safety Month, there is much focus on teen driving. I recently had the privilege of having my stepdaughter attend the Fayette County Attorney Driver Education course. This course was started and supported by Fayette County Attorney Larry Roberts.

I have been an insurance agent for 40 years and have spoken on teen driving to groups and to teens and parents. This course does a great job of preparing and teaching teens the skills necessary to prevent accidents and to drive in a way to save lives.

Growing up in Lexington and attending Fayette County schools, my friends and I signed up for driver’s education provided by the school system. We used driving simulators and real-life driving experience alongside an instructor. Many of the driving skills I learned in that class stayed with me and protect my life and the lives of others.

I wonder why the present leadership of our public schools in Fayette and surrounding counties doesn’t offer this much-needed course.

School districts are drastically increasing efforts to ensure safety in and around our schools. Teaching driving safety is another important opportunity to ensure our kids go on to achieve their future potential.

Richard Stewart Perry, Lexington

Cameron a fresh face

We know Kentucky is finally moving forward because we have Daniel Cameron running for attorney general in the state election next month. This sharp young fellow has been amazing to watch over the course of this year as he states very clearly his respect and alignment with our real values. The good folks of Kentucky deserve that.

Cameron’s resume is stellar and he’s a fresh new young face, with real progress in mind for Kentucky, exactly who we need in that office. For too long, we have been subjected to the personal profit and crony-driven motives of previous attorney general office holders. The most recent fellow and his father before him both used that office for shaking down state employees for campaign cash. Their main henchman and bag man is sitting in jail right now. This is not Kentucky.

Cameron is the man we need to stop the good ol’ boy corruption in Frankfort. He is clearly the right person at the right time to bring dignity and respect back to this office. Please join me in voting for Daniel Cameron for Attorney General.

Bill Marshall, Midway

Re-think pro-life strategies

Voters who back candidates based on their opposition to abortion may be overlooking a better option.

Outlawing abortion wouldn’t stop it. It never has. If Roe v. Wade were overturned tomorrow, desperate women would simply travel to states with fewer restrictions, seek providers outside the law, or attempt self-induced abortions.

The only workable plan is to help women avoid pregnancy, so the problem doesn’t arise in the first place, and to support women who are unknowingly pregnant.

But some pro-lifers are uncomfortable with sex education and birth control, and others question the idea of helping mothers meet medical and child-care expenses.

That’s where the politicians come in. Honest citizens who are anti-abortion on sincere grounds are being used, cynically and flagrantly, by demagogues who, rather than debate these issues on their merits, churn out horror stories and half-truths to inflame partisanship and gain votes.

Result: No one is ever helped and the problem is never solved.

It’s a tough choice, but people who truly want to prevent abortions may have to rethink their priorities. And they will definitely have to get wise to the politicians.

Lela Stromenger, Lexington

Trump predictable

It’s reprehensible that the president of the United States would sell out our Kurdish allies and allow thousands of Kurds to be slaughtered, and in the process simultaneously unleash ISIS again on the world, just to draw attention away from his impending impeachment. Although Kentucky’s Republican delegation to Washington have “voiced” opposition, that’s all they’ve done — nothing more. Empty words without action are just that: empty words that sound good on the broadcast media. The one thing for certain that the world now can count on from the United States is that the world cannot count at all on the United States to keep its word on anything. “Sociis cave” or “allies beware”. As former White House press secretary Anthony Scaramucci recently stated, “Trump always turns on you sooner or later.”

Gene Lockhart, Lexington