Letters to the Editor

Letters: More reader takes on Bevin vs. Beshear; ‘cheap name-calling’ in judge race

Betting in Kentucky

Listen up, voters. I want to bet on football and basketball here in Kentucky, not in Indiana or Tennessee. It’s a no-brainer. Money can go to the pension fund for our teachers. Vote for gubernatorial candidate Andy Beshear. No governor ever in our recent history has been so smug and condescending as Gov. Matt Bevin. He has got to go.

Robert Belt, Somerset

Boot Reynolds off bench

I have been a lawyer in this state since 1989. I got an inflammatory, misleading and unethical flyer from Fayette Circuit Court Judge John Reynolds in the mail, which makes me ashamed of the Kentucky bar. Now I can see why for many years the Kentucky Bar Association did not allow this kind of mudslinging politicking by judges.

Reynolds claims to advocate for constitutional rights, as though his opponent for the circuit court position, Fayette District Court Judge Julie Goodman does not. Every judge in this state takes an oath of office to uphold the Constitution. He says he is “tough on crime”, which is a thinly veiled code term for racism. Goodman, unlike this fellow, is unbiased and fair. She treats everyone in the courtroom with dignity, regardless of age, race, social status.

Fayette County voters and litigants, please do not fall for this cheap name-calling. This is not the kind of man you want on the bench. You deserve better. Vote for Goodman — a vote for integrity, fairness and even-mindedness.

Sally Wasielewski, Lexington

Vote on state issues

Given how contested this gubernatorial election is expected to be, it’s no surprise that Attorney General Andy Beshear and Gov. Matt Bevin are frantically trying to give themselves one last boost of support. Particularly, Bevin’s campaign has been rushing to nationalize the race, tying up his opponent’s messages with controversial topics like impeachment and abortion.

This is misleading and reckless on the governor’s part. Bevin knows he cannot win this race without fearmongering.

This race isn’t national. By shifting the conversation away from the important issues directly impacting Kentuckians, Bevin ultimately argues that the voices of struggling Kentuckians are not as important as those of the most right-leaning, national conservatives.

Even if Beshear wanted to remove limitations on abortion and turn cities across the commonwealth into sanctuary cities, he wouldn’t. It wouldn’t take a political analyst to recognize how much this would hurt his re-election prospects.

If you want increased restrictions on abortion, vote for Republican senators and representatives who can better institute policy change. If you’re afraid of gun control measures, vote for Republican senators and representatives who can better institute policy change.

Don’t vote for a bully who wants to scare you away from the right choice.

Sam Showalter, Georgetown

Pay hike promise

I saw an Andy Beshear ad recently where he stated, “If elected, I’m going to give every Kentucky teacher a $2,000 raise”.

Isn’t that buying votes, and illegal?

Just sayin’.

Tim Hancock, Versailles

Bevin goes low

There are age restrictions which limit who can run for office. Children do not meet these age requirements, although that hasn’t prevented Gov. Matt Bevin from attacking his opponent’s children for attending a private school. This comes as no surprise, given Bevin’s history of calling children “soft,” and fighting to strip them of necessary services upon which they rely to thrive and grow.

I sent my children to private school so they could have a religious-based education, a decision that didn’t stop me from supporting public schools. Bevin’s ignorance is evident when he accuses Andy Beshear of not valuing public education because he sends his children to private school.

Bevin chooses to send some of his children to a private institution, a fact which Beshear has never brought up and never politicized. That’s because he respects children, and knows that, as governor, Bevin, not his children, made the decision to run in this race. And unlike Beshear, Bevin’s choice of educational institution has precluded his support of public education: calling teachers names, putting their pensions in harm’s way and cutting millions from public education during his first term.

Bevin should not let his lack of respect harm this commonwealth’s children.

Ava Eaves, Richmond