Letters to the Editor

Money-saving idea on new city hall

A recent article commented about paying some company/study group $198,500 to see which is more feasible to get a new city hall: lease, build or buy. I think I can save the city a lot of money. Mayor Jim Gray or whoever can choose a person from each side – lease/build/buy. For gas allowance to and from Lexington and a meal for me and my wife at Cheddar’s (their salmon dinner is fantastic), I’ll come to Lexington and stand between these people and flip a coin. Whoever wins the toss gets to choose. The cost would probably be about the same over a bunch of years. Therefore, I saved the city about $198,450 depending if gas stays around $2 a gallon.

What day would you like for me to come over and flip the coin?

Shelby Rawlins