Letters to the Editor

Hold police accountable

I deplore the recent attacks on police, sheriffs and officers everywhere. While we would like to think that all police officers treat everyone fairly, equally and justly, anyone who thinks that prejudice and personal feelings don’t influence the officer to some degree is not living in reality. The small percentage that do not treat civilians fairly unfortunately make people wary of police officers everywhere.

While for the most part there are fine officers who every day do a great job in incredibly difficult circumstances, the public seems to become more and more discontented with the heavy-handed, brash and bullying treatment they receive from the few rogue officers. Some officers seem to view themselves as untouchable by the very laws that they took an oath to uphold.

Until the police police themselves and address the problem of ego-tripping bullies on the force, officers as a whole will continue to be frowned upon by a seemingly growing part of the public.

With the advent of body cameras, police can now be held accountable for their actions.

David M. Stephens