Letters to the Editor

Wrong about GOP

An Oct. 24 letter writer implied that Kim Davis hates homosexuals. I ask him to supply any comment that she has ever made to that effect. She was elected when the Kentucky constitution supported marriage between a man and a woman. Early in 2015, when it appeared that the U.S. Supreme Court might rule that homosexual marriage was a right, Davis wrote to our legislature seeking action for clerks who didn’t support it for religious reasons.

Lawmakers did nothing. They could have solved the problem then.

As to the GOP being bigots, they have a black man, two Hispanics, a woman and five white men running for president. One is a world-renowned surgeon, three are senators, four are governors and two are CEOs.

The Democratic Party has two old white people as their candidates, one an avowed socialist who wants our country to be more like Sweden. The writer might want to check and see how Sweden is doing. As to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the writer again should do some research. It was passed with a majority of Republicans, not Democrats.

It’s easy to spout off opinions that have no basis in fact.

Nancy Davidson