Letters to the Editor

Versailles bypass mysteries

Thank you for Whitney Dunlap’s commentary in which he says the Kentucky Department of Transportation study only recommended modifications and “relegated the bypass to further study” and for Greg Kocher’s article which states that the project engineer, Rod Sprague, says that Versailles traffic is near capacity.

Citizens ask each other about projects that use our taxes, but answers are hard to find. Why build a road that will hurt so many? The best we can come up with is that a study was done or “politics.” The former we learn isn’t quite true, and the latter is no explanation at all.

Sprague says that Versailles traffic is near capacity. He has used computer models for this information. Is this all? Don’t we need something more definitive than one man on a computer? If this is the “politics” part of the answer, there is more to know. Did those who profit from land sales influence him? Were our legislators involved in his decision? Do road contractors have a say? Who stands to profit?

Most of us are in the dark. So, in the next bypass article please unravel the politics of this thing for us.

Sara Porter