Letters to the Editor

Gun prohibition?

In 2011 there where about 32,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S. That includes accidents and suicides. That same year there were around 80,000 alcohol-related deaths. Why do we never hear anything about alcohol control? If you have multiple DUIs you can still walk into a liquor store and buy alcohol with no problem. How about background checks for booze if you have a DUI, public intoxication or domestic violence conviction. I’m sure this would get drunks off the road, about as much as more gun control would stop stupid people from doing stupid things. If we are going to clean this country up, let’s put more regulations on everything that can be used in a bad way. Sometimes I think common sense has completely left this country. More gun control will stop crime, about like prohibition stopped alcohol sales. I’m afraid the dumbing down of America is irreversible.

Donnie Craft