Letters to the Editor

Lower expectations

We University of Kentucky sports fans are a loyal lot but time and again we set ourselves up for major disappointments.

Football is a prime example: we’re getting better recruits, got a coach with a last name synonymous with football. Where we set ourselves up is that we live in a dream world that our football program is equal to our championship-caliber basketball program. If we fans would go into the realistic mode of we can eek out maybe six wins per season and be bowl eligible, that is much more manageable.

What we do not see at other SEC schools (Vandy may be an exception) is that we are darn good at basketball. The other SEC schools have always been about their football programs and behind us in basketball. They want to be on a level playing field with in basketball and visa versa in football. It just isn’t going to happen in our lifetime. So, the Big Blue Nation is starting to moan, grumble and whisper, “Can't wait till basketball season begins.”

Let’s enjoy the occasional wins, hope they compete, bear the losses and lower our football expectations just a tad. We all may not be so disappointed after all.......Well some of us.

Marty Fields