Letters to the Editor

Ungodly Democrats

I listened with bewilderment at the post-election speech of House Speaker Greg Stumbo, who exhorted, “We cannot let (Republicans) make people believe we are not godly people.”

Kentucky Democrats have been facing a dilemma about religion since the successful candidacy of Ronald Reagan in 1980. The Democratic party decided it had reached a fork in the road at the 2012 national convention, and it wasn't clear which fork it took. Has the speaker forgotten his party's platform committee adopted resolutions to remove all references to God and Jerusalem from its work, and the convention chairman needed three voice votes to determine there was a clear majority to rescind the resolutions? Many in the crowd protested and loudly booed the decision.

Now Democrats are faced with a decision whether to nominate someone for president who is not opposed to all late-term abortions.

If Stumbo is worried about Republicans claiming a monopoly on God (which they should avoid doing), he really should consider starting up or joining a party that acknowledges his being and influence.

Brent Risner

Mt. Sterling