Letters to the Editor

Call special session

Obergefell v. Hodges unconstitutionally denied states their 10th Amendment sovereignty and addressed the definition of an institution the Constitution is silent on (not containing the word "marriage"), when it instead should have been guaranteeing no possible infringement upon what is in the First Amendment: free exercise of religion.

Despite all this, the Supreme Court’s opinion is against the three-fourths majority of Americans in 41 states who enacted statutes and constitutional amendments defining marriage as between one man and one woman. It is not directed at county clerks and judge executives, does not say who must sign licenses, nor that they be signed, nor that states even issue licenses. Laws KRS 446.350 and P.L.103-141, were never appealed to the Supreme Court and have never been contested in lower courts. They are the law and must be obeyed.

Almost half, 57, of Kentucky's 120 clerks petitioned Gov. Steve Beshear for the rights guaranteed by these laws. His inaction forced one to do it herself. The other 56 are waiting while their rights are illegally violated. Please call the special session now.

Glen Reidhaar