Letters to the Editor

No offense, but ...

Demands for tolerance apparently extend to everything except Christianity. Hence, the Wilmore Cross debate. If we are so accepting, why is this a perceived problem by an organization in Madison, Wis.? America is becoming a laughingstock because of things such as this, along with the University of Louisville president apologizing for dressing as a Mariachi band for Halloween. Why would any race be offended by that?

Read the Constitution and try to find where separation of church and state is listed. Also, try to act like the role models adults are supposed to be instead of whiny, litigation-seeking crybabies. If we are not one nation under God, we cannot even attempt to have liberty and justice for all. We are a melting pot which means we blend and complement each other, not get offended for asinine reasons.

If you state an opinion or even a fact that a group doesn't agree with you are crucified. We will never have total kindness, respect and peace because we are human but we can try; trying doesn't mean causing a media circus because you feel you've been slighted. We all need to just try to have some common sense.

Jeanette Hislope