Letters to the Editor

More local opinion, please

Many people have been complaining about our shrinking newspaper. Here is a free way for the paper to include more content that interests its readers. Create a “Debate” section of the paper and have a community forum to debate issues. Some of those issues could be evolution and the age of the Earth, religion, war spending, politics and whatever else the public wants to talk about. These letters are free for the newspaper and cost them nothing to run.

I have written letters that have taken a long time to reach print; by then it is old news. So, create a community debate section and allow faster speed of letters to make sure current issues are discussed while they are still current.

There seems to be plenty of room for advertisements and sports, why not allow more opinion?

National news and opinions can easily be found on the Internet or cable TV. The real niche for our local paper is to have local debates. This will make the paper far more interesting. Just run the letters and don’t censor anything; let the people have a forum.

Tina Hoffman