Letters to the Editor

A plea to Bevin

Men channel their inner Tom Selleck in November by growing mustaches to bring attention to the second-greatest killer of men – prostate cancer.

While many men are reluctant patients, access to health insurance remains an important first step in getting tested and treated for what has become a largely treatable disease.

These medical advances are remarkable but once were only available to Kentuckians of a certain class, excluding those who had fallen on hard times.

That all changed in January, 2014 because Gov. Steve Beshear made the economically and socially responsible decision to expand Medicaid as afforded by the Affordable Care Act.

With the election of Matt Bevin that dynamic has potentially changed. The 530,000 men and women who gained coverage under the ACA are at jeopardy of losing it.

In a month when men and their health are at the forefront of our upper lips, the possibility of that loss reminds me of a word that Archbishop Desmond Tutu uses frequently, ubuntu. It means, “I am, because we are.” I hope Gov.-elect Bevin can exercise leadership and remember that we as men are all at risk, and

no man (or woman) should be left without health care because of misfortune.

Simon Morgan

New York, N.Y.