Letters to the Editor

Maintain history, statues

Let’s be honest, the arts review board pondered what to do with history and remain politically correct. It was not a discussion of shared values. Values come and go; history is forever. I am surprised that they could not find redeeming qualities in the statues. Some in contemporary art circles consider the statue of a mare with testicles to be avant-garde. I consider the statues an invaluable contribution of our ancestors to our understanding of their life and times.

During the deliberations the phrase “lost cause” was mentioned several times. With regard to history, I think political correctness should become a lost cause in this discussion. As we have all observed, states’ rights will never receive protection from the Supreme Court. As our illustrious ancestor Henry Clay almost once said, “I’d rather be right than be politically correct.”

I propose that we redirect our energies from chipping away at these monuments to creating our own monuments for our own time, placing them in the public spaces available to us. Maintenance of history is an additive process not a subtractive one. Does anyone share this value of history with me?

Charles Young