Letters to the Editor

Cowardly rejection of aid

Governors’ attempts to bar Syrian refugees from their states is cowardly. People showing cowardice invite others to bully them.

Our response should have been deliberate; showing care, not just to ourselves, but to others who suffer.

The legal procedures vetting immigrants are thorough, needing little upgrading. The Syrian refugees are victims, not perpetrators.

I have conducted an analysis of the religious and cultural patterns of the Sunnis and Shiites fighting in the Middle East, with outside countries from East and West interjecting their armies.

It shows many structural similarities to the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) in Germany, between Catholics and Protestants, with the interjection of armies from France, Sweden and other countries.

The Middle Eastern war today will expand and be long. But, because the U.S is strong, with a courageous tradition, our response can and should be measured.

We can and should accept Syrian refugees.

Rabbi H. D.Uriel Smith