Letters to the Editor

No reason for war

ISIS’ attack on Paris, although tragic, was not a clarion call for another American war. Why do neocons feel the compulsion to label every Middle East conflict as America’s war? Neocons believe if we don’t get involved we are going to lose out on something, but lose out on what? Trillions of dollars wasted on another war, more dead and maimed Americans soldiers, I think we could easily agree to lose out on such things.

American military force will not eradicate ISIS ideology. This is a Muslim war requiring Muslim nations to destroy ISIS. America needs to resist the impulse for military involvement. Our involvement gives ISIS a propaganda recruiting tool to portray American military involvement as a crusade against Islam. The anti-Muslim language by certain bombastic Republican presidential candidates would bolster that propaganda campaign.

Advocating for an American ground force of 50,000, but pretending they will only be advisers and 50,000 sources for intelligence gathering is delusional. We are bringing 50,000 Americans closer to the crazies and giving them 50,000 targets. Have we already forgotten the 241 Marines killed in the 1983 suicide attack in Lebanon? Learn from history, don’t repeat historic mistakes on a grander scale.

James F. Wisniewski