Letters to the Editor

Trump terrific

Donald Trump was correct when he refuted Jeb Bush’s retort that his brother, George W. Bush, “kept us safe.” The Twin Towers fell during the Bush administration, and he and Congress let Osama bin Laden lure them into a bad, bad deal.

Afghanistan to date has cost $1.6 trillion and 20,071 American casualties including 2,349 killed for 19 bin Laden followers. Bush sweetened the deal with a bonus, Iraq. As of Oct. 22, his bonus had cost another $2 trillion and 31,951 casualties including 4,411 killed, bringing the total cost to $3.6 trillion, 52,022 casualties including 6,760 killed, and continuing frustration.

Democrats and Republicans alike still rationalize, “There have been no attacks on the homeland since 9/11.” Why would there be attacks? They delivered thousands of Americans into bin Laden's booby-trapped backyard.

Trump would have vetoed their deal in kindergarten. Moreover, the acumen in his impromptu responses reveals a superior intellect that is substantiated by his assets. How many of his critics and others who have turned a blind eye to him will turn 69 years old with $8.7 billion in net worth? “That, he can tell you.” Wouldn't it be “terrific” if he could make deals for America.

Shafter Bailey