Letters to the Editor

Healing option

Lexington has a well kept secret. The day before my surgery my doctor’s office informed me that my insurance had OK’d my orthopedic rehabilitation at Providence Homestead. I had never heard of the place, as I am new to the area and had only had rehab at Cardinal Hill the previous year.

As we entered the driveway it was obvious that there was remodeling going on. I was quickly wheeled to my room by the most welcoming couple of ladies. I had excellent occupational and physical therapy daily by people who were friendly and took an interest in my health. The nurses and para-professionals had the most uplifting personalities that it would be hard to get too depressed around them. It was easy to joke around with everyone, and they readily reciprocated while still being professional.

I can’t really brag enough about the staff. I hope Lexington won’t keep this wonderful orthopedic rehab a secret for long.

Teresa Venters