Letters to the Editor

Louisville’s disgrace

The latest scandal to hit the University of Louisville really shocked people in Kentucky and nationally. It seems the men’s basketball head coach denies knowing anything about what went on in the dorm. He is supposed to know what is happening to his players and recruits. This is the coach who had an extramarital affair in a restaurant. When called out, he finally admitted it.

Facing the latest scandal, he again denies knowing about it. It seems like the truth is not in him when his indiscretions come to light. He is supposed to be a role model for his young players. What kind of signal does this send to our young men? (It’s all right to lie, cheat and deceive?) What about the parents who send their children to Louisville expecting them to be sheltered and guided through the growing-up stage of their young lives? I know the coach doesn't want to lose his multi-million dollar paycheck but do we just forget what he is responsible for because he wins at basketball? I think not. I feel for the Louisville sports program but they don't need a person who continues to bring disgrace to their school.

Estill Smith