Letters to the Editor

Refugee children have right to life

I would like to ask the right-to-life groups in Kentucky to step up and take a stand for the Syrian refugee children.

These children, just like our children, deserve a right to life, and your voices would not fall on deaf ears if you would voice your support to Gov.-elect Matt Bevin. We now have an opportunity facing us -- we can choose to plant the seeds of hatred for America by refusing to help these children or we can plant the seeds of love for America by welcoming and helping these children.

ISIS was born from hate, and children are very impressionable and can be taught to hate. It is up to all of us to make a choice and speak up about this crisis. Although I am not aware of efforts the right-to-life groups have made to help our own children in Kentucky, I am hopeful that the members of these groups will acknowledge that the children of the Syrian refugees do have a right to life -- a safe life.

Linda D. Hall