Letters to the Editor

Refugees are humans not pariahs

The tragic plight of Syria should be handled with reason rather than knee-jerk political posturing. Political figures from Hillary Clinton to multiple GOP candidates keep pushing “no fly zones” while the current administration continues to inflame Syria’s war by arming various rebel factions with TOW missiles. Politicians of various flavors have turned the refugee issue into the latest partisan morass.

Refugees should be carefully vetted, and I would favor prioritizing religious minorities as they are facing outright genocide. That said, refugees deserve to be treated as human beings, not as pariahs. The vast majority of them only desire safety for their families.

The administration should cease arming rebel groups other than Kurdish forces fighting ISIS. Assad is brutally authoritarian but he is not an existential threat to civilization. Syrian religious minorities (Christians, Druze, etc.) and women have far more rights than what our own theocratic Saudi allies allow for their citizens. Should the Syrian government fall as an institution, an Islamist takeover or a Libyan-style power vacuum is likely.

As far as ISIS is concerned, direct tactical cooperation with Russia and the Syrian military should not be ruled out on the Palmyra and Deir-ez Zor fronts.

Kyle Richie