Letters to the Editor

No demagogue

There are a lot of people telling voters what we want. Candidates say “what American needs is…” and then fill in what they think is important. Here is what America really needs. We need a president who understands he/she is not intended to win every argument.We don’t need a president who grabs his/her pen to overset any decision Congress makes that he/she doesn’t like.

Congress represents people. Not one demagogue who can’t play by the rules, and always has to have his/her own way. Our president was intended, from the beginning, to negotiate for what he wants. Congress was intended to negotiate.

In any relationship, no one gets everything they want. What I want is a president who understands he/she is not a dictator. Our president needs to be mature enough to negotiate, and mature enough to understand that he/she doesn’t get to force a win when he/she doesn't get his/her way.

If a president can’t get his/her own way on some issues, maybe it’s because it isn’t what America wants.

Trydon St. Clair