Letters to the Editor

Liberal inanity on refugees

With the American 9/11 dead, the French Charlie Hebdo dead, and now the Paris dead, the president of the United States assures the world that Washington is aggressively following a multifaceted strategy that will work -- ultimately. One rationale for the president remaining ineffective against ISIL is in consideration of avoiding collateral civilian casualties.

Now with the Paris setback, the words of president, contributing 130 dead to a total tally of at least 3,122 dead Americans and Europeans on their soil; it is clearly the case that collateral civilian casualties are acceptable as long as they are American or European. The intellectual inanity of progressive liberals to declare that it is a moral offense to American values to reject after Paris the resettlement of tens of thousands of unknown Syrian refugees brings into focus the abject moral unintelligibility of the progressive liberal.

It is treasonous to the common defense to allow entry of even one refugee that may harbor terroristic intent. Syndicated columnist Paul Krugman defends the questionable inactivity of the president against ISIL by assuring Americans that climate change is still the greatest threat to the world. Progressive liberals cannot understand what is known and can understand what is not known.

Gary Ward