Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Nov. 28

Carson guilty of innocence?

Let me get this straight. Most politicians try to dig up dirt on their opponents. Ben Carson has mentioned a few bad things he did in his youth. Some opponents are trying to prove he is not guilty?

Tom Hamilton


City could save some money

The city is going to pay Jones Lang LaSalle how much to do the CentrePointe analysis? There are many qualified certified commercial investment members at the local commercial real estate firms who could be offering to do this analysis for free and save the city some money. If they won't do it for free, then I will.

Michael Sidebottom


UK doesn’t own ‘Kentucky’

The University Of Kentucky spent $110 million for football stadium renovations, and now UK wants wants the Kentucky Mist Moonshine distillery in Whitesburg to stop using the word “Kentucky.” How can they stop me? I live there. How can I not use the word “Kentucky?” It belongs to all Kentuckians.

UK needs to worry about its high-cost losing football team.

Timmy L. Adams


Drunken teens out of hand

My father brought a fire/police scanner home to me in 1992 when I was 14. I have been hooked ever since. Even though the police traffic is now encrypted and cannot be heard, I still listen to the Lexington fire department and emergency medical services. Entertaining to say the least to listen to this scanner which is now available online and by smart phone.

Over the last year or so the scanner traffic during University of Kentucky football games is saddening. Minors are drunk before and during tailgating and the game. Having to take 15-, 16- and 17-year-olds to the hospital due to drunkenness is absolutely ridiculous. Police officers are trying to find the parents who mostly are not at the game, costing time and money to locate them after the minor has been taken to the hospital. Something must be done and now.

Chris Shafer


Where’s the outrage?

Twenty children are shot to pieces in Sandy Hook, Conn. A little child probably still in diapers washes up on a Greek beach like so much flotsam. Families desperately clutch crying, cold, hungry children as they flee the collapse of their countries. What has our so called Christian and pro-life Congress done?

In the case of Sand;y Hook and tens of thousands of deaths from gunshot since then, absolutely nothing. Is there no outrage against gun violence?

Why no outrage against Donald Trump who advocates “bombing the hell out of them” (whoever “them” is.)

Why no outrage that the House last week legislated an anti-Syrian, anti-Muslim, anti refugee measure?

Didn't we fight a war 60 years ago to rid the world of religious discrimination and racism. Since when did we have a religious test for immigrants? When did we get so frightened that we are compelled to be mean to foreigners and yet so totally tolerant of our own gun violence? Why are pro-lifers and Christians not outraged ?

Judy Harvey


Drivers, put down the phone

Within two recent weeks both my daughter and I were exposed to near-death situations involving cars running red lights. I believe running red lights has become an epidemic in Lexington brought on by the prevalence of drivers using cell phones and texting. Traffic is much heavier than it used to be and many of the roads are in deplorable condition.

While all these factors affect the overall safety of driving, only the cell phone users can have an immediate impact. Please, pull over before talking or texting; the life you save might be your own.

Sadie L. Criswell