Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 1

Unhappy voter

Larry Dale Keeling's Nov. 8 column was spot on. I am a Republican split on the issues. I didn't want to vote for Matt Bevin but didn't know why I should vote for Jack Conway. So in addition to Conway not rallying his base, he missed out on reaching my group of Republicans who would have voted for him if given good reasons to.

Kentucky politicians need to learn that they are working to represent all of the people of Kentucky with our varied needs and not just tear other people down to placate their specific group. Unite not divide. I'm tired of the fearmongering in politics. We can't just be about one or two issues; we have to be about what's right and supportive of all Kentuckians. First election in my life I wasn't happy or sure about the way I voted.

P.S. Go Cats.

Dannie Surbaugh


No to spit tobacco

I was enjoying watching the University of Kentucky Wildcats play at Rupp Arena on Nov. 14 when the young man seated next to me opened a can of tobacco, took some out, put it in his mouth and proceed to spit into an open soft-drink cup. I was concerned that he would either spill the open container or yell at the game and spit on me.

I complained to one of the 101 Club members who initially said tobacco chewing was prohibited and that he would have someone address this with the young man. I returned to my seat and waited and nothing was done. I inquired as I was leaving why nothing was done and the 101 member said it is allowed.

Smoking and e-cigarettes are prohibited but something as disgusting as spitting tobacco juice into an open cup is allowed. All tobacco needs to be prohibited in public places.

Lezlei S. Kelly


Keep statues

Preservation of Lexington's Morgan and Breckenridge statuary is an important reminder to have the grace gained by hindsight. Are we in any way like the Nazi zealots who infamously burned the books in April 1933? George Santayana reminds us that those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it. Leave the reminders in much the same vein as we keep Cheapside and Upper Streets.

Rudy Weissinger


Time to learn

As I see it, one of the problems for the “one-and-done” players is that one year may not be enough time for them to find the library on campus.

Mike Daugherty


Stumbo sad

Greg Stumbo's rant about the election results is an embarrassment to all Kentuckians. He demonstrates what is wrong with many politicians and why Kentuckians are turning to non-traditional politicians. He is a fool desperately trying to understand why he and his contemporaries are being rejected by Kentuckians.

Sad, very sad.

Jeff Rausch


Dump Stoops

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that Les Miles (former Louisiana State University coach) is head and shoulders above Mark Stoops as a football coach and recruiter. I ask the University of Kentucky to pay Stoops his buyout and hire Miles whatever the cost.

Stoops lost more games this year because of his inability to coach during games. Vanderbilt is a prime example of Stoops’ lack of knowledge (costly timeouts) as head coach. Miles is one the greatest in-game coaches today.

Joker Phillips looks smart compared to Stoops.

Darell Gross