Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Dec. 3

Socialist tax cuts

During the recent Republican presidential debate it was interesting to see that Democrat Bernie Sanders has forced the Republicans to actually talk about issues. All agreed with Sanders that income inequality is a problem and each had a different solution that involved some sort of tax cut for the rich. Then all complained that the reporters asking questions wanted to know some details of their plans.

Marco Rubio made the mistake of putting the actual details on his web site. When asked why his plan included tax cuts for the rich that were twice the percentage of the tax cuts for the middle class, Rubio stammered out an implausible explanation and denied that it was true.

Of course it is true and a few days after the debate we found out why. Paul Singer, a billionaire New York investor, decided to financially support Rubio’s campaign.

Republicans understand that the problem with income inequality is that the middle class doesn’t have enough disposable income to donate to political campaigns. Tax cuts for the rich are a socialist redistribution of wealth so the rich can consolidate enough funds to make political campaign donations on behalf of the middle class.

Kevin Kline


Double standard

It seems strange that a radical Christian like Kim Davis could be so chastised by liberals for not doing her job because of a personally held disagreement, but it is fine for radical students at the University of Missouri to do the same.

Besides the Missouri Tigers aren’t that good so who would miss the game?

Stephen Stinson


So-called Christians

Every time I see another letter to the editor condemning homosexuals for being who they are I want to scream.

Many so-called Christians (I live near and work with some who are by far the meanest and most judgmental people I will ever meet) seem to think that being gay is a choice. I am not attracted to women because this is the way I came into the world. I cannot make myself like women in a sexual way. Nor can any man who is heterosexual make himself like men in a sexual way. Gay people didn’t get mad at the opposite sex for some reason and suddenly decide to start wanting to date someone of their own gender. We as human beings just are not wired that way. Bisexuals are people who are attracted to both. That is just the way they came into this world.

Being born gay is not a mistake. It is not a defect. People are not born cursed and headed straight to hell. My God, the father of Jesus, would not do that. He would not be that cruel. Live your life and be happy gay people. I love you all.

Yolanda Averette


Football woes

Man up, Coach Mark Stoops says after the Tennessee game? We’ve got echoes of past coaches bouncing off the walls at the University of Kentucky again.

When a team consistently plays badly and the coach blames the players then we have a problem with the coaching, no more no less. We have learned from history, especially in Kentucky sports, “you get what you pay for.” Whenever UK coughs up enough money for a good football coach like they did with the basketball team we might just improve a bit. Bad coaching recruits bad players. Great coaching recruits great players.

It will take a while, if UK ever finds a better coach, for this team to show any improvement. A mule only has so much talent. No matter how much you beat or yell at it the result is the same, and this includes the driver as well.

David G. Duncan


Failed military

Our military needs to be changed. Military intelligence misled us into Iraq. President George W. Bush was duped by false intel. Military intelligence failed to stop 9/11 despite many well-documented warnings. Military leadership has failed to win a war with unlimited funds, technology and firepower against an enemy that consists of a few semi-literate men, driving pickup trucks and carrying hand-held World War II-era weapons.

We need to start over. I support the troops, but everybody of a high rank needs to go.

The National Security Agency lied to Congress by saying it was not capturing our emails or phone calls.

Why is nobody in government ever held responsible for their failures?

If Republicans can hold witch-hunt hearings why can’t Democrats investigate who got us into Iraq? Or who helped create the Wall Street collapse? Or why the NSA lied to Congress?

Our government classifies things like an octopus squirts ink: To block our view of it doing what it is not supposed to be doing.

Our media are too weak to do anything about it. The corporate conglomerates are giving “news” away for free as long as you don't mind a little advertising and government propaganda woven into everything.

Chris Wells