Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor on refugees, business bigotry, Bevin, Trump

Deadly refugees

A recent letter stated, “Weren't the Pilgrims refugees? They would have all died if not for the care and guidance given by the Wampanoag.”

What happened to these friendly, caring Native American Wampanoag? These Pilgrim refugees killed them and took their land as their own. The same fate awaited all the Native Americans as these refugees made their way west.

P. S. “Steve” Sitzlar


Unprofitable bigotry

I have a degree in business and have been involved in the business world for over 30 years. One thing that I have learned is that the term Christian business is an oxymoron. Business has nothing to do with morals, ethics or religion. The only things real business people see are profit and loss.

Therefore, I find it mindbending that there are “Christian business” people out there who refuse to do business with gay people because of “religious beliefs.”

My first impression is that it is basically wrong to discriminate against people because of race, color or sexual preference. My second thought on this is that these people can’t be very bright or have the slightest clue about business procedures.

In today’s competitive world, these people should be thanking their lucky stars that whole new markets have opened up that did not exist before. They need to go back to their business 101 textbooks and look up the chapter on target markets.

Smart business people are embracing these new opportunities and looking toward the future. The not-so-smart business people are going to be left in their own bigoted unprofitable dust.

Jerry Johnson


Bad deal Bevin

Get ready, Survival of the Fittest has arrived. If you are sick or poor or especially both, your future looks bleak.

Why? Because Matt Bevin is of the branch of the Republican Party that believes spending a dollar to get nine so that you have 10 to help the poor have health care is a bad deal. That is just plain hateful.

Here's the reality. The more people covered, the better health outcomes are; the better health outcomes are, the lower the costs for chronic health care and the more likely it is that an unemployed person stays healthy enough to get a job.

Deloitte did a study of our state’s expansion and found a positive $30 million or more a year to the state’s coffers from tax revenues from the new jobs in health care. We can kiss that goodbye thanks to those of you who were too busy to vote.

Only 30.7 percent of registered voters actually bothered to vote. So with Bevin receiving 53 percent of the vote, it means our next governor will have been elected by 16.3 percent of those allowed to cast votes.

Charles A. Bowsher


You ain’t seen nothin’ yet

Sister Claire McGowan gave such an appropriate tongue-lashing to the 70 percent of Kentuckians who did something other than vote, there’s little left to say.

But I did warn a few days before elections (coincidentally, on Halloween) that if you didn’t come out to vote, “a minority of misguided, radicalized voters will take the state down a hole of no return.”

That minority knew a low voter turnout would work to its advantage – so it did, all 16 percent of them by my calculations.

It’s worked around the country as they have taken over state governorships and legislatures, congressional delegations (read: Kentucky) and, as a result, the Supreme Court majority.

I have a suggestion for those 70 percent: Immediately mount any available form of transportation – horse, mule, boat, motorcycle, bus and car caravans – and head to Frankfort to protest and revolt about what Gov.-elect Matt Bevin threatens to do with taxpayers’ affordable public health care (Kynect), education, jobs, retirement.

If you’ve not paid attention to what happens when radicals turn states red, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Take a look at my birth state of Kansas, a moderate Republican state turned into a radical experiment. It makes me want to weep.

Your move, 70 percent.

Ramona Rush


Respect vets, dump Trump

I’d like to remind everyone what Donald Trump, the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president, said earlier this year about Sen. John McCain; “He’s not a war hero. ... I like people that weren’t captured. OK?”

No, that’s not OK.

McCain was a pilot during the Vietnam War. He was shot down, captured and tortured.

When given the chance to be sent home ahead of others who had been imprisoned longer, he refused, because doing so would have been a violation of the military code of conduct. He spent five years as a prisoner of war.

I do not agree with McCain on much. But I absolutely respect McCain for his service and for what he endured.

It is infuriating to me that Trump, who never served and avoided military service during the Vietnam era by getting five deferments, would insult McCain and every veteran who has ever been captured, really all veterans. Trump has not apologized.

Instead, he has said that he doesn’t make mistakes.

Why would anyone support such a man?

Greg Kring