Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 7

Liberal sore losers

The Nov. 19 editorial reveals the editorial board as a bunch of liberal sore losers. It lambasts the voters on Obamacare for voting against their best interests. In effect, they are saying "we paid for your vote by giving you free healthcare, why did you betray us?" It faults Conway for not touting the merits of Obamacare. The reason is, he and his supporters were too busy spending over $7 million smearing Matt Bevin. Maybe voters want a change.

In addition, in the same issue, Joel Pett's disgusting racist cartoon, dealing with Bevin's children, illustrates the disdain the paper has for him. I guess only Republicans, whites (except liberals), conservatives (of all colors), Christians, pro-lifers and pro-gun people can be racist.

I expect a full-fledged witch hunt much like the one directed against Ernie Fletcher. A good man, brought down by political opponents who couldn't bear the thought of a Republican in the governor’s mansion. I hope Bevin is a horse of a different color. Why can't you say, “the people have spoken, lets move on”?

Robert Hoskins


Wrong about coal

This paper is way out of touch with most of the state, as the last four elections have shown.

They say things against coal often but market conditions, regulations, holding up permits, etc. are nothing more than the tools which they used to bring about harming coal. By saying these things they only back up the president who first said what he intended to do to: they just print the means he used. Everybody knows that you don't quit a job before you have another to go to, so where do he and others get off shutting down an industry when that's all somebody has.

He cares not and some here in the paper go along. The paper came out for Jack Conway but he came out for gays, crying about his daughter. He lost, so does the paper.

Ray E. Davis

Hager Hill