Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 5

Search our hearts

Shame on us.

The incoming Syrian refugees are all thoroughly vetted, in an 18-to-24-month process. They are poor people whose country has fallen apart. They are victims of violence, including rape, and they are in most cases families.

Blaming these people for terrorism makes about as much sense as blaming the Martians. I am totally disgusted at the posturing of some candidates and some governors who play to the base by wanting to send these people back to where they fled the horror. America is better than that.

I was struck by a recent headline in a Scottish newspaper, referring to Syrian refugees: “Welcome to Scotland.” Are we so much less than the Scots? If we don't stop and search our hearts on this situation, we have no claim to being religious, or to being true Americans.

Considering the careful security vetting of the refugees, objecting to the very limited number the government wants to allow, 10,000, makes no sense and plays into the hands of the terrorists. Do we want to do that? Really?

Dorothy Carter


Pause immigration

Predictably, concerning the Syrian refugees, a letter writer (Nov. 21) proclaimed WWJD (What would Jesus do?). In Luke’s account of the Last Supper, Jesus, meeting for the last time with his band of brothers before the crucifixion, instructed them to purchase swords even if they had to sell some of their clothing to do so. There were already two swords among the crowd. Jesus was satisfied with that number at the time. Later, according to Matthew’s account, Jesus explained that those who take the sword will die by the sword. The swords he mandated were for defense.

Jesus was a hunted man during his ministry, targeted for assassination. He knew that he was a special case but that the disciples were not; therefore, he meant for them to protect themselves to the extent they could. Regarding swords, he would have approved of conceal and carry.

Jesus, mistakenly portrayed in paintings as a sort of long-haired dandy, was just the opposite, a strong man with plain common sense, which is what's needed in dealing with the Syria matter. Pause the immigration until more is known. Ten thousand is impossible.

James Clark


Bypass a waste

I have lived and worked in Woodford County for 37 years. I drive through downtown Versailles nearly every day and support local businesses. I have never experienced a major inconvenience with downtown traffic, yet we are told that we need a new bypass to alleviate it.

There is no study that recommends building this bypass. Moreover, throughout the United States wherever the building of bypasses has reduced downtown traffic, it has done so with devastating effects to the businesses in those downtowns.

The bypass would destroy valuable agricultural land that is the basis of Woodford County’s economy and could increase traffic on the Versailles-Midway Road to a dangerous level. There are roads and bridges throughout Kentucky that desperately need to be repaired where tax dollars would be better spent.

I urge all residents of Woodford County to let our city council, fiscal court and representatives in Frankfort know that we are opposed to this bypass and will remember their actions when voting.

Dan Rosenberg


What if?

So, Gov.-to-be Matt Bevin, what if no one in the office wants their names on the form? Find another office, another state, in time another country?

Floyd C. Shipley


Free to leave

To the letter writer who asked Christians if we wanted to see “praise to Allah” on police cars and recite the Koran, leave. You don't have to stay here. It's a free country. Go to Allah-land and follow their beliefs and deal with radical Muslims.

Our country was founded by those who came for freedom. We are a country founded around Christianity. Do you spend the money that says “In God We Trust”? You’re free to leave and spend currency that doesn't say that. If you don't like what our police have printed on their vehicles, don't call them when you need them.

The Jews are happy enough to live with Christians and in turn we are so pleased to have them as Americans. Do they believe in Jesus Christ and Christmas? No. Do they want to shut down Christmas tree farms and make sure a manger scene is not allowed to be sold in markets? No.

Why stay someplace you detest unless you have nothing else to complain about while kept safe by the military heroes who fight for our freedom while you reap the benefits?

Lynn Embaugh


Which god?

Now that the Hodgenville city council has unanimously voted to allow the words “In God We Trust” to be lettered on the town's police cars, they should let us know which of the thousands of gods they are referring to.

Walter Frazier


Witch hunt

The ninth Benghazi investigation was a big waste of taxpayer money. For 11 hours, Republican inquisitors pummeled, bullied and repeatedly asked questions which had previously been answered. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton explained how government procedures and security measures were determined, rarely utilizing email. Her civics instruction seemed beyond their small minds.

Chairman Trey Gowdy and his female GOP members reached new lows in their personal attacks, innuendo and redundancies. I recall the McCarthy hearings of the 1950s and the effort to smear Secretary of State Dean Acheson and others as communists. I ask the present-day witch-hunters, “Have you no sense of decency?”

After watching the daylong marathon, I will enthusiastically vote for Clinton, rather than my longtime hero, Bernie Sanders. Perhaps others have reached similar conclusions.

Henry Everman