Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Dec. 13

Unchanging face of fascism

Donald Trump wants Muslims to register like the Jews in Germany because we all know how well that ended.

Will Trump’s plan allow Muslims serving overseas in the U.S. Armed forces re-enter the country they risked their lives for? What about dependents who accompanied servicemen overseas, will Muslim family members be barred from re-entering the country once their spouse or parent’s tour of duty ends?

Hatred, prejudice and fear are irrational but once unleashed produce hideous outcomes. History should have taught us that.

The country that gave us Gutenberg, Beethoven, Goethe, Bach, Kant, Mendelssohn also gave us Hitler. Once we start down the path of fear and hatred it is folly to believe America’s outcome will be any different.

Trump’s campaign is nothing more than hating and fearing different groups, first Mexicans, now Muslims. He should consolidate his fear campaign and reduce it to hating all minorities. The face of fascism may change but its vile nature remains unchanging.

James F. Wisniewski


Fox gifts to ISIS

Republicans are Allah’s gift to ISIS. What a great recruiting team they are.

For starters, ISIS wouldn't exist or certainly wouldn't have grown to the extent they have had President George W. Bush not made the decision to invade Iraq to save the world from its weapons of mass destruction (which didn’t exist). That was done without his or his advisers’ awareness that invasion would also lead to Iran becoming the dominant power in Iraq.

ISIS monitors Fox News for Muslim-bashing rhetoric, which it uses in its recruiting videos. Every time they spout their vitriol is another gift to ISIS.

Paul F. Guthrie


Beware Trump’s policies

As the flowers of spring bloom, we in the commonwealth shall once again awaken from political hibernation to endure the reality of another primary election season. Expect the typical cacophony of political rhetoric and dire warnings playing upon our fears.

The candidacy of Donald Trump causes me particular concern as the businessman has maintained relatively high levels of support. Crassness should not be mistaken for courage nor should egocentrism be the measure of personal ability.

The ultimate questions, though, come down to the sometimes frightening policy positions advocated or entertained by Trump. Reasoned and humane options for immigration reform must rule over xenophobia. It is not a matter of Christian virtue to needlessly break up families through mass deportation.

While naiveté should be avoided regarding the threat of terrorism, I find some of Trump’s ideas to be highly worrisome for those concerned with religious freedom. I do not think the historical Muhammad was a man either of great truth or peace, but disagreement with the Islamic faith should not lead to persecuting our Muslim neighbors.

I sincerely hope my fellow Kentuckians recognize that electing Trump is not in the best interests of the republic.

Jason Kyle Richie


Islam and violence

From a Dec. 6 Herald-Leader article:

“Two weeks earlier, he and Farook argued over whether Islam was a violent religion. Recounting the conversation to a friend, Thalasinos said that Farook insisted his God was peaceful but argued that Israel had no place in the Middle East.

“Nicholas Thalasinos was still sitting at the party table Syed Farook had just left when the latter returned and, with his wife’s help, fatally shot Thalasinos and 13 others.”

Let that be a lesson to anyone who suggests Islam is a violent religion.

Michael Smith


Trump’s disability

Leaders, by their words and actions, show how they believe people should be treated.

So, it’s disturbing to hear a presidential candidate appear to ridicule a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter concerning his disability for calling the candidate on a factual point. It was reminiscent of the school bully who, when embarrassed, would snarl, “Yeah, well, you stink and you’re funny looking.”

Serge Kovaleski’s disabilities had nothing to do with the topic being discussed. Donald Trump used it as a mean-spirited diversion, seemingly suggesting that because of the disability Kovaleski should be taken less seriously.

Trump then responded to criticism by suggesting that, out of the goodness of his heart, he’d spent money making his buildings accessible. In actuality, he did it because of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law passed through the political strength of the 20 percent of Americans who have disabilities.

Everyone deserves the right to be heard without fear of being belittled, and politicians need to keep that in mind because, for the 20 percent of this country who have a disability, we recognize perfectly well that our voices and our votes are just as able as anyone else’s.

Rene Thompson


Obama an Islamophile

There’s only one way to counter the building momentum of Isalmist terrorism in America: close our borders to all countries who harbor these evil monsters. Why does America need foreigners here who are potentially dangerous to our citizens?

The government knows where these terrorists come from and generally who they are, but won't say anything because of the politically correct foolishness spread by an inept president more worried about Muslims than national security. He cares more for non-citizens than he does for actual citizens of his own country. This man has not given us good government and has put us at risk from evildoers, weakened our borders, thrown up the prisons, bankrupted the military, and refuses to insure domestic tranquility and provide for the common defense as called for in the Constitution. Prepare to defend your family and yourself; this Islamophile will not.

Damn the national media for fostering his goals. God save America.

Robert Adams


A better idea

Reading the letter titled “No to mosque” reminded me of a time not so long past when the “troubles” of Northern Ireland spread globally and, to be fair, should we not ban the Roman Catholic church construction at Saint Peter Claver at Fourth and Jefferson along with any new Protestant church construction in our community?

Perhaps a Protestant watch list and a Catholic watch list would be a good idea to prevent any potential reoccurrence of violence from Ireland spreading to the homeland? I think a better solution would be to get to know a Muslim, Catholic or Protestant person and their religion, and our fears may disappear.

Jim McKeighen


Trump bad for horse industry

Donald Trump would be bad for the horse industry.

Imagine a Keeneland or Fasig-Tipton sale with no Muslims buying or selling. Imagine driving down Versailles Road and not seeing the multiple 747s from the sheiks. Imagine a Breeder's Cup or the Derby, Preakness or Belmont without Muslim owners’ participation and attendance.

Forget about competing in Dubai for $10 million purses. What would happen to the Arabian and Egyptian horse breeding, showing and racing industries? Think of the economies of Kentucky, Florida, New York, Illinois and California that would suffer from a ban on Muslims entering this country.

Trump paints with a broad brush and throws out the good with the bad. He drains the bath water because a few molecules could be bad. If only we could have the same purity standards for the water in Eastern Kentucky. Let’s hope he doesn’t take the next logical leap, advocating confiscation of breeding stock and acreage and property like Hitler did in Germany with the Jews. What if Muslims could not teach or practice medicine or other professions? Trump is sliding to the bottom and wants to take us with him.

Susan Shaw