Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, Dec. 18

The threat from within

Another breaking story about another mass shooting. Are we sick and tired yet? I have been for years.

I’m angry at National Rifle Association “pocket politicians” who have the means and authority to try to stop some of these shootings but won’t because they are afraid of looney-toon survivalist types who believe there will be a war between people of color and whites or that some disaster is going to make people go crazy and start killing each other for food and water.

That’s what a “prepper/survivalist” told me. He said that is why the NRA fights to protect gun rights.

Most politicians believe this kind of thinking is nuts but will set themselves on fire before admitting that to anybody who could cost them an election. They stick their heads in the sand so they don't have hear the crying over gunned-down loved ones. The greatest threat to this country already lives among us, and the majority are U.S. citizens. Not some future refugee from Syria. It takes two years.

Yolanda Averette


Rosemond seeks control

At last, columnist John Rosemond has cut through all the psychobabble and shown us what parenting is all about for him: control. He says that his 16-year-old daughter was about to “leave the house without permission.” Wow. A girl capable of holding a driver’s license, being employed and probably a junior in high school has to ask Daddy’s permission to go out of the house — a house very likely to be in an upper-class area.

That finally makes clear that this so-called advice columnist is nothing more than a weak parent terrified of losing control by allowing his child to become an independent adult. Pitiful. And more pitiful that he has followers who read his damaging “advice.”

Sally Wasielewski


Veto mind-boggling

Just when I thought President Barack Obama had done all he could to destroy this country he fooled me again. This man vetoed a bill that would fund our military. Is he so stupid that he doesn’t know they protect him also? George Washington used his own property to fund the Continental Army. Then Obama vetoes a bill paid for by the taxpayer. It’s mind-boggling

Every person should take down the names of the members of Congress who went along with his veto and make sure they never get back in Congress. This is a bill that has to be overridden. This should be the downfall of the Democratic Party. If not, Hillary should finish it off. Liberalism is a disease that left unchecked will eventually lead to our demise. Liberalism means smart to stupid people.

Doyle Glass


Make peace

How easy it is for politicians and others to glibly say, “God bless America” and “In God we trust.” It is hard to believe God blesses a nation that does nothing to stop the evil gun violence that pervades our land.

Too many of us love guns, the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association more than we love God and our neighbors. We are a sick nation. Greed, racism and gun violence are diseases of epidemic proportions. They are killing America.

The world has known for centuries that God wills all nations to turn our swords (guns, bombs) into plowshares (farming implements) in order to find peace and feed a hungry world. God does not force this on us. It is up to us, the world's people, to initiate the peace measures that are based on God’s transforming love.

Paul L. Whiteley Sr.


Friends needed

Best Friends is an adult day program for persons with irreversible memory loss, most commonly known as Alzheimer’s disease. A participant is paired with a dedicated volunteer who will have read the participant’s life story and learned about their family, friends, education, occupations, etc.

With this background, they can spend an afternoon recalling the story, perhaps listening to music, dancing and doing what best friends do together at the same time giving meaningful respite to caregivers.

I have been a volunteer for five years and have met many wonderful people, both participants and volunteers. Visit us at 5220 Grey Oak Drive in Nicholasville and/or call volunteer coordinator Bobby Potts at 859-258-2226 to see how the program works.

Donna Loeffler