Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jan. 5

Brand Ky. red

Are you 70 percent of non-voters having fun in the “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” saga to make Kentucky a red state?

Democratic legislators are retiring, turning Republican, joining Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration. That leaves a moving target 50-46 edge for House Democrats.

Charter schools are advanced — watch taxpayer money be drained from authentic public schools into private and religious special interests. Right-to-work-for-less is on the way.

Now the universities of Kentucky and Louisville have their own capitalism institutes courtesy of the Koch brothers, Papa John and other corporate largesse.

Think Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders might be invited to lecture on capitalism? Or economist Paul Krugman awarded a visiting faculty appointment?

New names/slogans seem appropriate in the emerging red glow. Since UK claims the name “Kentucky,” how about: “Kentucky Koal and Koch Kash Universities at Louisville and Lexington, Matt Bevin, Chancellor Governor.”

Student recruitment: “KKKK University Life in Lexington and Louisville – we have koal and Koch energy, you bring kash.”

Papa John Schnatter CEO can brand all state property — stadia, convention halls, parks and apparel merchandising, especially sports.

There’s just no end to branding possibilities, like the state motto: Divided We Fall, Privatization for All (including state pension programs).

Ramona Rush


Question about Stoops

I guess I will ask this question since it appears the Herald-Leader sportswriters (cheerleaders) lack the motivation (guts) to do so: Why would anyone give a raise, a contract extension and a multi-million dollar buy-out clause to a football coach who has yet to have a winning season?

Those types of perks are usually reserved for coaches who have had outstanding seasons or to prevent rival programs from luring away a coach. To think that either of those situations applies here is laughable.

I guess you never know, though, athletic directors have been known to do crazy things. One thing is for sure, if the University of Kentucky football coach is the target of a raid by other programs, it won’t be an air raid.

Mike Downs


City reaps from wage hike

The Urban County Council and the Herald-Leader recently made a big push so the people who currently make $7.25 per hour could get out of poverty and have better lives by eventually making up to $10.10 per hour in three years.

Well to no surprise, the Lexington government will be the big beneficiary, as was outlined in the Nov. 24 editorial, which included gleeful comments that the city will reap a half-million dollars the first year and $1.7 million by the third year. Add that to any Social Security, federal and state taxes to be paid. Where is the road to a better life? Certainly paying more taxes is not.

Richard C. Dolan


Election danger ahead

With the coming presidential elections, we the voters must be very careful whom we vote for. There could be another Adolph Hitler lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce. This one doesn’t have a mustache but does have a different hairdo.

It’s a shame this coming election that we don’t have much to pick from on either side of the fence.

Bill Manuel


Bombing works

Modern-day idiots are in the news every night. Recently, one said that bombing or that type of warfare never won a war. Does that person know history? Two bombs over Japan stopped and won World War II.

Willard Ashworth


Unconscionable death

What in the world is wrong with us? Murder and a 6-year-old should never have to be used in the same sentence.

James Castle


Who’s got next?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Gov. Matt Bevin is going to be a one-termer. The next question: Who will replace him? That’s an easy one: Louisville Mayor Greg Fisher.

Duke Martin


McConnell, lead on climate

Sen. Mitch McConnell has a new opportunity now that the climate regulators of almost 200 countries have reached agreements to move the world toward a renewable energy culture.

Now is the time for him to lead Kentucky in that new direction. He should add a solar-energy system to his Kentucky home.

It’s the right thing to do as a true leader — and other Kentuckians will follow. He also could lead the effort to restore the solar unit on the White House. It will be interesting to see the choice he makes.

Al Crabb


Good job by police

A package containing a Christmas present of some financial value and of considerable personal value to us was stolen from our front porch. We reported the matter to the Lexington Police Department.

As a result of the efforts of two exemplary officers our package was located and returned to us, undamaged, in less than a week.

We thank them and the department for their promptness, thoroughness, courtesy and general expertise. And we want to reassure our friends and neighbors that they are ready to apply their skills and professional devotion to their concerns as well, should the need arise.

Claude and Betsy Farley