Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jan. 6

Lies incite violence

Unlike President Barack Obama, I think gun violence is the new normal. What I cannot accept is violence against women, such as targeting a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs.

Whatever the shooter’s motives, the rhetoric spewed by politicians and preachers equating pregnancy termination with the “killing of babies” is as responsible as the guns. A woman does not become pregnant alone. Men deposit sperm and, in too many cases, move on unless intercepted by law and forced to be responsible for their part in creating life.

Females are left to either take the responsibility of nurturing the child or of deciding to terminate the pregnancy. This is her right, her choice and nobody’s business but hers. Without choice, there is no morality. A woman who is forced to carry a pregnancy to term is no more moral than one who has chosen termination.

Gun violence has overtaken the United States, but it is only the tool. The inciters are those who agitate against women with half-truths and outright lies about the use of fetal tissue. A politician or preacher who incites someone to violence against women is as liable as the store owner who sold the gun.

Marjorie Fey Farris


Pension politics

I read the article about the big deficit in pensions for state employees and how politicians robbed state employees’ pension funds to pay for other projects. These politicians were ignorant of the concept of “pay now or pay later” and that paying later may cost more than paying now.

As reported, legislators’ pensions are about 85 percent funded while state employees’ pension fund is located in the basement. I have a suggestion. Lawmakers should rob the employees pension fund again and bring their pension up to 100 percent. At least there would be one fully funded pension fund; since they make so many intelligent decisions I want them to have an incentive to work harder.

Ira Fink


Still paying for Bush

Although overpopulation is a destabilizing factor in Asia and Africa, President George W. Bush’s elective invasion of Iraq has convulsed the region. This neo-colonial oil war has partitioned Iraq and generated vicious ethnic/sectarian cleansing with millions of refugees. Even worse, this atrocity has yet to be paid for nor is there an end to political meddling in military decisions.

ISIS is Sunni Iraqis who previously ruled Iraq’s government and military. America took first blood. If turnaround is fair play, patriotic Sunni Iraqis have every right to bite us back in self-defense. Like the Viet Cong and the Taliban, ISIS can rapidly morph between conventional and unconventional warfare modes, making boots on the ground expensive and ineffective. President Barack Obama’s proxies, air power and unconventional warfare, are the best hope in this long lost war.

This is the new “crusade” that Bush promised America in 2001. Having also ruined the economy, he is by far the worst president since Richard M. Nixon. At least Nixon tried to pay for his bloody lost war.

Allen T. Kelley


Hut, hut, privatize

A new coaching staff for the University of Kentucky football program. Three years of moving toward the promised land and the faithful fans are treated to the most pathetic display of incompetence and lack of football acumen ever shown by any UK football team or coaching staff.

With one bewildered bunch of young men on the field and a befuddled coaching staff on the sidelines, the last half of last season was a travesty. Perhaps UK football needs to break out of its shell completely. UK has successfully and surreptitiously privatized its basketball program to the delight of the fans, the NBA and assorted media. Desperate times call for desperate remedies, and this is urgent.

Bob Heidel


Peoples Bank jewel

After following the trials and tribulations of the Peoples Bank/CentrePointe projects, I was inspired by an idea I believe no one else has imagined.

Relocate the beautiful Peoples Bank building with its amazing glazed blue brick and zigzag roof to the CentrePointe project, facing Main or Vine with a slight setback to allow for green space. Build the new complex around it in an architectural style that complements the older structure, but is itself thoroughly contemporary. The Peoples Bank could be transformed into the Lexington welcome center, and the surrounding complex, whether civic or commercial, would benefit by having a crown jewel at its center. It’s an idea, but very often a good idea can materialize into a grand reality.

Dominic Martina