Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor: Jan. 9

Blame president, liberals

Despite the relentless progressive liberal chant insisting otherwise, the current destabilization of the Iraq region is not the result of events occurring in 2003, but the direct consequence of the illogical decision by the president of the United States to prematurely withdraw all American troops from Iraq by 2011.

The president’s untimely troop withdrawal reversed and negated all the forward success toward Iraqi stabilization achieved under Gen. David Petraeus. Common sense would predict that an organization like ISIL would arise to fill the power vacuum left behind as a result of the president’s curious foreign policy. The damage done by the president’s decision to withdraw all troops from Iraq has certainly been compounded by the presidential opinion expressed in 2014 that ISIL is junior varsity league.

Not only are progressive liberals complicit with foreign and domestic policy failures of the current presidency, they libel all Muslims by insisting that the mere words of infidels alarmed by Islamic jihadists who currently kill in America can radicalize meditative Muslims studying the peaceful teachings of Muhammad into indiscriminate acts of bloody terrorism.

Gary Ward


Thanks CASA angels

As a CASA volunteer for children in foster care, I was overwhelmed by the contributions of the participants in the CASA Angel Tree.

Again this year the CASA Angel Tree was sponsored by McBrayer, McGinnis, Leslie & Kincaid in Lexington and 149 foster children received gifts from employees of the law firm as well as others in the community.

The four foster children I work with each received a variety of clothing items and toys, and I was amazed at the generosity of the gifts. I so much appreciate the McBrayer law firm and each person who took a name from the Angel Tree. You have made the Christmas holidays of many foster children much happier than they would have been.

Court Appointed Special Advocates work hard to advocate for the best interests of children in the family court system – children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse, neglect or dependency. We provide a voice for our foster children and focus solely on what is best for each child.

Thanks to the participants. Their loving support is bringing joy to many foster children in our community.

Judy Papania Gadbois


American warriors

What it means to be an American warrior: First and foremost you should never condemn anyone for their religious beliefs unless they mean harm to someone else. Never bow to any master or bend to any threat. It is our heritage to stand proud, erect and unafraid to face the world head-on and to thank God for what he has given us.

Estill Smith


Mall security lacking

I work at Fayette Mall and have worked there during the holidays several times in the past. On previous holidays I have witnessed much security. Lexington police officers watched shoppers and made their presence noticed. The police even have had a big police box on a crane in front of the mall previous holidays, I assume recording the mall parking lot.

But this season I saw no security whatsoever. I did see an officer in the jewelry store I work for. But, upon approaching him, he told me he was a customer.

I find this disconcerting, considering all the terrorists attacks, especially during the holidays.

The mall hours extended to 11 p.m. Many people have to walk out by themselves to their vehicles. I know of an instance of a woman who was leaving late several years ago with another girl. But they separated once outside. This woman was almost abducted by a man but she was able to fight him off and call the police. The police found this man. In his trunk, were trash bags and duct tape. It's a miracle she is OK.

Where was security this year? Were they plain clothed?

Kelly Cardwell


Another notch for NRA

The recent killings in San Bernardino — yet another notch in the belt of the National Rifle Association.

Bill Baldwin